Change Your Place, Change Your Luck

Version 3
    There is an expression from the 3,000 year old Jewish Book of Wisdom, "Shone makom, Shone mazal." "Change your location, change your luck." I have found that it is important to be open to where you can live so that you not only have the right economic opportunity, but you also have the right quality of life.

    Originally from western Pennsylvania, I came to San Francisco and Silicon Valley in 1994 when I decided not to go to medical school and to get involved with networking. Little did I know that my decision would come at such a propitious time. In 1995 I began working with the Internet and have enjoyed every year and every challenge.

    A lot of people in the tech world used the downturn in 2000 to catch up on some lost time in living experience. I was one of them and used the slow period to travel around the world and expand my horizons. I worked consulting for companies around the US and eventually settled on the east coast because I was flying often to Israel. While I enjoyed living in Boston for a while, I noticed that Boston's high tech world was much different than the San Francisco Bay Area's high tech focus. I find that the best interface designers and the best interface design works is centered around the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, while Boston seemed to have a greater focus on the nuts and bolts of the Internet.

    I decided to relocate my company to San Francisco because of many years of connections in the Bay Area, my enjoyment of San Francisco as a city, and the inspiration which comes from living in this area. I found that many new doors opened back up as soon as I arrived back in the Bay Area.

    Each time I look at the Golden Gate bridge or drive over it, I am reminded of how much the world has changed since 1995 when the Internet really came on the scene. With tens of millions of Americans online and hundreds of millions of people around the globe, it is clear just how powerful these virtual technologies are. There are so many aspects of regular life that have changed from banking, to connecting with old friends, to getting maps and seeing the world in a whole new light. So, for me and my company, coming back to San Francisco worked out well. Sometimes you just have to change your location to change your luck.