Abusive Clients: Life Really IS Too Short

Version 2
    I created a Web Site for a client two years ago that placed them at the top of their game. They received feedback from visitors to their site praising the user experience, and also saying that their competitors fell short.

    I have recently re-entered negotiations with the owner of the company to run a Web Site Diagnostic Check for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improvements, as well as upgrades to the overall marketing message. He asked me to meet with one of his business partners.

    The owner and I have a great relationship. He's a total professional in every sense of the word. My former contact urged me to avoid meeting with his business partner at all costs.

    I sent a proposal to the owner. He forwarded it on to his business partner (I was scheduled to meet with her next week), and she did a "reply all" to my proposal, insulting me in the process. Either she didn't know she selected the "reply all" option or she simply didn't care. Either way, her inner thoughts landed in my In Box and I was not a happy man.

    I called the owner. I told him that the condition for doing business with my company moving forward is that I deal directly with him and that the business partner, in my world, would cease to exist. I canceled the upcoming meeting.

    He read his partner's email and agreed to my terms.

    Abusive business partner out of the picture, client retained, check in is in the mail.