How To Get More Customers Through Your Website

Version 3
    In the early days of our business, cold calling and mailing letters was the only way to get new customers. It was very time consuming, expensive, and often discouraging. A few years ago we became intrigued by search engine optimization. We went on a mission to master this powerful and sometimes "secret" marketing tool.

    We learned that it is vital to have your website optimized for keywords that potential customers are searching for. The headline, the title, and the text should all use these keywords, but in a natural way. We used the free version of wordtracker ( to explore different keywords we might use for our website. This in turn led us to discover that many people are searching for the keywords "Charlotte marketing firm" on a daily basis. Today our website is ranked No. 1 on Google for "Charlotte marketing firm" as well as high rankings for "Charlotte public relations firm" and other descriptions of our business.

    These valuable "natural search" rankings bring us all the new business we can handle. In addition we have also attracted many new small business and larger clients who want a combination of search engine optimization and full-service marketing. Search engine optimization works best in the context of a total strategic marketing program. For example you can use inexpensive print ads to drive traffic to your website, where prospective customers can learn more.

    If you are highly motivated, you can learn how to do search engine optimization yourself. It may take you a few months or even a couple of years to get proficient, but the more you know, the better. Subscribe to helpful email newsletters like Larry Chase's Web Digest For Marketers ( and Ralph Wilson's Web Marketing Today ( Read and practice. Of course if you're in a hurry or don't have time to learn SEO on your own, hire an SEO firm near you to help you get lots of new customers - and never cold call again!