When customers can't come to you...go to them!

Version 5
    What do you do when your clients can't come to you? Roman Eyes designed a solution - come to them, of course! Eyewear 2 U, Atlanta's premier eyewear concierge, and a subsidiary of Roman Eyes, is the only service offering its clients the ability to shop from home or work for their eyewear needs. History begins in New York City many year ago, where Senior Optician, Mr. Roman, began his craft. Living in a city where delivery is expected, Mr. Roman saw delivery of his services a must. With work hours conflicting with busy lifestyles, time to take care of personal errands for most people were limited at best. The concept has been well received by athletes, busy professionals, stay at home parents, as well as companies whose employees need to stay on-site. Eyewear 2 U is dedicated to the customer who needs eyewear but doesn't have the time to shop. E2U makes "house calls" and delivers the finished product to the client. The company prides itself in premier customer service and products and has clients through out the Atlanta area and New York City. Eyewear 2 U travels so you don't have to.