Getting Started With No Money

Version 1
    To begin with, I wanted to get into the ground transportation business. I had been a taxi driver back in the seventies. I never had the financial capacity to buy a taxi medallion but I knew that once I got it I could be successful.

    I worked at building my credit score by paying all my bills on line using the bill pay function offered by my bank. As soon as I receive a bill I go to my computer and set up the payment for 1 day before the due date. I always pay 2 times the minimum amount. That worked.

    As a result I was able to purchase a brand new 2007 Lincoln Town Car ($53,000) with zero down. I was also able to get the Massachusetts sales tax included in the loan.

    My next hurdle was to find business to support my venture while I build my clientele. Research was the key. I looked at many livery services, visited the airport and spoke with drivers and finally decided that the way to begin was as an independant operator (I/O) for a large company. I selected the world'ds largest and most prestigious carrier and approached the Vice President of Operations for a contract as an I/O.

    I was offered a contract after the company did a serious background check and financial check. I was then required to successfuly complete an interactive safe driving course & only then was I able to sign a contract.

    It has been 5 months. I am in the black. I have had to alter my schedule ( Keep your day job), but it seems to be working. I am continuously networking with other providers for affiliate work & reciprocal contract work.

    Now I need to get my marketing plan off the ground.