Keep up the good work!!!

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    My name is Cynthia and I live in Texas since 2001, Me and my husband run a Gutter business, actually he works on it, I am his secretary and accountant. When my husband and I started our businnes we saw that there was alot of competition and doubted that the company was goint to grow at all. My husband as owner and worker had 5 years of experiance on the job, tried to find contractors to work with but everyone was looking for big companies with more years of experience, we never lost hope and even when there were really bad moments we succede and found someone who help us (we needed help, after almost 3 months of nothing). The contractor that gave us some work started relating us with different contractors and all of them were amaze by my husband work, he is one of those persons who like to do evertything the right way the first time,that makes me feel really proud of him. From there and thanks to the first contractor that believe in my husbands work our business started growing, now he is thinking on buying more trucks or just keep going with what we have now but send it with just workers because he needs to talk to contractors or just check new jobs and that takes alot of his time. I hope that my story help you and motivate you, Its really hard to make a business grow but is not impossible.