Our success 40 years later

Version 5
    This is our story - We (Kenny, Donald, and I) grew up together taking Kung Fu lessons in Boston Chinatown. This became our love and passion. Many years passed. Kenny went away to college and then on to become CTO and President of a high tech company. Donald ran the family restaurant business, Kowloon. And I became a business owner in a variety of businesses.

    During that time each of us continued to practice and master the art of Kung Fu. 40 years later, we met up again and decided to turn our love for martial arts into a business. Together we opened up a martial arts supply store and taught lessons in a modest 500 square foot space.

    This year, we opened up a 5,000 square feet martial arts fitness center called Boston Ultimate Fitness, giving us greater opportunity to expand the art. Boston Ultimate Fitness is a martial arts gym offering Hung Gar, Tai Chi, Yi Chuan and Qi Gong training.