When the "trade" goes against you, get out and use original solutions

Version 3

    Remember when the Nasdaq hit 5,000 in March of 2000? The current real estate bubble in many parts of the market remind me of that time and our business draws on those experiences to make decisions today. Looking back, you would have looked like a genius to sell at 4,000 or even 3,000 on the way down to 1,200 in September of 2002. When analyzing our business challenge, my partners and I determined that the current "trade" was going against and wanted to get out. We were recommended to use the commercial real estate agent that already had 75+ properties to sell in the area. Rather than follow the norm, our small business interviewed other agents with experience selling this type of property as well as sales track record for the previous 12 months. What we found was gem of an agent already familiar with the area that customized a sales program for us with a network of buyers outside the local region. The result: We had an offer on the property in less than 2 weeks!!! Of the other 75+ properties, the group has only sold 3 in the last 2 months alone.