Our Board of Directors

Version 6
    We needed more space to teach our martial arts students. With only 500 square feet of exercise space, it was difficult to train properly. Because our space was limited, we had to limit our class offerings. It was important for us to expand the art and teach more people so we signed a lease for 5,000 square feet of space. With a lot more space, came more questions, and more worries. My partners and I do not have any experience in running a professional fitness center. What did we get ourselves into? Martial Arts is our hobby.

    We enlisted the help of a few trusted friends and students, who fit the profile of our ideal customers. We started asking them for their thoughts on key questions like the design of the facility, equipment requirements, marketing ideas, and membership fees and payment collection methods. They were a great sounding board and also put in some sweat to help us. Everyone who has come into our fitness center has been impressed with the results. Our students now have lots of space to practice. We are having our grand opening soon, and I have no doubt that we will be able to attract many new students, fulfilling our dreams of expanding the art.