Hoping to Have a Scuba Success Story

Version 4

    I do not have currently have a business but I am in the process of reviewing the options for opening a scuba diving shop in Maui. It's always been something that I've dreamed of and I have enough money saved up that I think I can self finance it.

    I suppose getting started is always a big risk, but sometimes you just have to take chances in life. I am in the process of doing research on the market and the existing competition. I know that I will need to find a unique angel. My approach is that if you put your heart into it and use your creativity, something good will happen.

    Here's my list of things I am hoping to accomplish to make my scuba business idea a new reality:

    1) Find a unique angle for my scuba store
    2) Pick a great name
    3) Use my Internet/computer skills to market my business
    4) Do thorough research and find a profitable angle so that my scuba store can succeed
    5) Be tenacious
    6) Have fun!
    7) Make sacrifices in the short term for the long term success of my business