Combine and Entreprenurial Spirit with Step-by-Step Instructions

Version 4
    A friend introduced me to Pass Your Plate, which is a meal assembly center where you prepare delicious entrees to fill your freezer and feed your family for weeks. Pass Your Plate does all the planning, shopping, peeling, chopping, cleaning all the things that make dinner prep a time-killing pain. I was a big fan of the service and the great food, and I found myself telling everyone I knew how great it was. I have always wanted to own my own business, but could never really identify the right product idea. When I went to the Pass Your Plate website to book another session, I saw that I could own my own franchise! I had the passion for the product, and just needed to analyze the opportunity.

    The benefits of a opening a franchise is that it comes with a complete "how-to" guide for opening your own business, which is great for new small business owners without a lot of experience. Another benefit is there is a lot of solid data that you can leverage to make your decision and analyze the success of your potential franchise. After spending a week working with another franchise to learn what I would be getting myself into, I was even more excited about the opportunity!

    We followed the marketing plan and tools provided to us in order to identify prospects and measure the return on invested marketing dollars. It was also very straightforward to leverage the software that helps us manage our customers, orders, sessions, and all our business data. We followed the implementation plan provided by the franchise, and were up and running in several months. Of course, opening and running my own business is an amazing amount of work, but I wouldn't have it any other way and I love owning my very own thriving business.