Great Start for a great Start-Up!

Version 4

    Not so long ago, we saw a program on how to create decorative wall hangings for your home. Of course, being a little creative, we tried making one and it turned out great. One led to two, two led to three, you get the idea... We started giving them out as gifts to friends and family members, and even started taking requests from time to time for custom pieces.

    Then the first call came in...a friend of a family member was interested in a custom piece, and insisted on paying for it. Long story short, that one piece generated enough profit for us to create our next four pieces. The calls kept on coming in, and now we have a (very) small home based business.

    Business ideas come out of the never know when inspiration is going to strike. Your own unique talents can help guide your path. But early on, trying to force the idea can really break the bank. By giving out a few pieces to friends and family, this allowed us to grow slowly and surely, and use our "fans" to promote what we were selling. Any guest in the home became a potential customer.

    We have never advertised the business, nor sold our product in a traditional shop, but through the power of word-of-mouth advertising, we have built something that should last a long time!