Marketing a Flower Shop

Version 5
    While radio and print marketing have been our traditional marketing channels, we were looking for a way to broaden our reach and connect with new customers. There are so many marketing options available to small businesses, however, we have learned that they don't all provide the return on investment and they all aren't right for our business. Therefore, we put a lot of thought into what is unique about our business and our customers that we can leverage for marketing.

    Here is a list of what we identified:
    • Small target market (word of mouth within our town works well)
    • Great location (corner of main intersection and traffic light)
    • Product appeal (everyone loves flowers)
    • Community presence (trusted business in community since 1944)

    Here is how we leveraged our strengths for marketing:
    • Invest in a prominent digital sign with streaming information about our products to leverage prime location and capture the attention of drivers waiting at the traffic lights
    • Host a rose "give away" annually to give back to the community and increase word of mouth advertising (and heavily advertise the event on our digital sign)

    The results:
    • While the marketing results are not directly measurable, we think this approach is by far more effective than traditional marketing. Customers often reference the information from the sign when they call or come into the store. We also recognize repeat buyers that were introduced to our business during the rose give away. (Plus, the rose give away is fun and we get to see our flowers bring joy throughout the town