Building An Internet Bridge to the Future

Version 7
    Over my twelve years of helping companies with the Internet visions and making websites that people love to use, I have found that there is a process which when followed properly sets a path to success. There is a big difference between simply doing something and doing something right. Most of the time, doing it right requires much more energy, more thought, more care, more dedication, more leadership, and a clear and powerful vision. And doing something right requires having more fun because you have to love what you do to make something truly special.

    So, what is the trick to making a successful website?

    Start by having a great plan and setting a clear goal. Often times life is so busy that we do not stop to work out a clear plan for what we want and what we are trying to achieve. A website project is a perfect opportunity to clarify a vision. This takes analysis, thought, and care, but a good vision will guide the project through each phase. A clear mission statement is something that speaks to everyone.

    Take the time in the beginning to plan, plan, plan then implement. Most people do not take the time to plan. Planning is hard because you have to move slow and a time when you think you have to move fast. A good plan adds clarity and enables everyone in a project to see clearly what the vision is.

    Work smart and with very talented people and find the right partners to bring your vision to life. You need a very talented team in order to make something great. Mediocre does not cut it. Raw talent combined with good teamwork is key to beating the competition and creating something that will grow and last. In order to find the right partners and build a good team, you have to know what you want.

    Keep at it and stay focused on the goal while expanding horizons. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Like everything else in life, you will have doubters and detractors, and challenges that will rock the boat. Staying the course, staying focused, and moving a project forward through each stage requires persistense and strength. Looking back, the challenges are what add flavor to the successful website. Each challenge is an opportunity for growth and in the end, the final product will be the combined efforts of a well focused team.

    We all love the Golden Gate Bridge because of its simplicity, beauty, elegance, power, color, functionality and symbol of achievement. In a similar fashion, an effective website that connects a community is a Golden iGate.