• Reopening guidelines to keep loyal retail customers

    Retailers are on a roller coaster ride. And, while the reopening strategies are different across the country, for many small businesses reopening is unsettling, especially with worker/customer fears of infection and t...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • Expanded Talent Pool an Opportunity for Business Hiring

    The coronavirus pandemic may give your business a lucky break—at least when it comes to hiring skilled talent.   The numbers are sure there: Unemployment rates in the U.S. have risen higher in the first t...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • What's Your Zelle Name for Sole Props in California

    Hi guys,   I've been getting different answers from different branches, even the call centers. So I figured it's best to ask those who actually have the accounts.   For Sole Props in California, we gotta u...
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  • How often do you perform a cash flow analysis for your business?

    SBC Team
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  • How to establish a small business emergency fund

    By now, more than a few businesses have realized that they need – or needed – an emergency fund.   The coronavirus pandemic quickly caught  businesses off guard. A fortunate few had the type of...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Don't Sell Products, Provide Solutions

    People are bombarded by 5000 marketing pieces a day. They don’t want to hear about your products! They want to solve a problem. Instead of pushing products, push your solution. Better yet, have your customers do...
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  • Local Business Marketing Strategies

    I'm trying to decide if I should put my money into google ads, or facebook ads. My inbox got pummeled with emails about this workshop this morning and it seems alright - https://www.mattenglishconsulting.com/workshop ...
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  • How has your company pivoted in the pandemic?

    I would like to know how your company or one you know has pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic and how you/they did it. I think it's critical to share examples of positive change in this difficult time and to be an ex...
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  • New here

    Hello, I'm just getting used to it... I wanted to greet you and wish you good health in this season of the virus   upd. Thank you all for the warm welcome, I learned a lot here!
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  • Greetings from Boston

    Hi everyone, came here to say hello.   I have recently joined the community to learn and share as I'm working on a project related to home improvement, Ourhomesmagazine. We are providing consulting services for...
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  • How to gauge authenticity when choosing social media influencers

    The right social media influencer can bring much-needed attention to your small business. By introducing your business, product, or service to an influencer’s audience of raving fans, it can boost your visibilit...
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  • Use a Small Business Dashboard to Understand your Data

    These days, small businesses have no lack of data. You can run analytics for how well your Facebook posts are doing, the open rate for your e-newsletter, shopping cart abandons, what time of day products sell best, an...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Small Business Cash Flow Management Made Easy

    We are well into the new year and, in all likelihood, you started off the year planning to reach certain financial goals and revenue targets. Before the year gets too far along it’s good to take stock of whether...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Starting a Nursing Staffing Agency in CT

    Hi, does anyone know some good insurance companies that offer General Liability and Workers Compensation Liability? This is  required in the state of CT in order for me to get my business license
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  • As I am new here would like to connect with all of you !

    Helping small business owners to focus on their business by keeping their books up to date. Keeping my clients books is my priority. I am Chartered Accountant (CA) from ICAI, passed exam for Certified Public Accountan...
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  • WooCommerce Vs Shopify

    WooCommerce Vs Shopify is a long-going debate So, which platform would be your preference and why?
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  • Greetings From The Content Unlimited

    Hi everyone, Just hit this platform to make new connections.   I have recently joined the community to share my expertise and learn a few tricks about running my small business and making new clients. i have rece...
    Madiha Jamal
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  • The top 5 reasons you should hire a veteran for your small business

    If you own a small business, one of the best ways to honor veterans this National Hire a Veteran Day (July 25) is to hire one. Indeed, while veterans returning to civilian life often have difficulties finding good job...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Tips for Using Video to Make a Sale

    Let’s say you want to ask your customers and/or fan base to do something – buy a product, donate to a cause, click a link, whatever. Which of the below do you think would be more effective in getting them ...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Here’s what to Consider as You Re-Open Your Business

    As different areas begin to relax stay-at-home orders, there is a lot to consider before fully re-opening your business, both in terms of the customer experience and with regard to employee and customer safety.  ...
    Steve Strauss
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