• One Man’s Journey to Becoming a Nonprofit Entrepreneur

    Passion can be a powerful motivator for startup entrepreneurs. And for those starting a nonprofit business, passion is particularly important.   “Passion has to drive the individual or the nonprofit will f...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • A Perfect Blend of Offline and Online Marketing for Small Businesses

    When it comes to small business marketing, most of the small business owners lack in producing innovative marketing ideas for their product branding, promotion, and sales. This happens more with those who have started...
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  • Tips for write a great research paper

    Today the burden of writing a research paper on the students has increased. Writing a research paper for students is not an easy task. This is a challenging task for them. If you are afraid to write a research paper, ...
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  • Tips and Tricks for Fast, Easy Video Content

    People only read an average of 19 minutes a day, including texts, emails, social media posts, and books. As important as written communications are, other mediums are on the rise in terms of capturing attention from p...
    Chris Brogan
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  • Hello

    Just want to say hello. From Orlando and new to the group
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  • Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs

    Small Business Story Collection: Celebrating the Power of Women Women small business owners are paving the way.  This collection highlights how to embrace the unique challenges women face and thrive as small bus...
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  • Top 5 LinkedIn Strategies to Grow Your Business

    LinkedIn used to be just for finding jobs and good job recruits but in the past few years it’s become a lot more. For any business, small and large – and especially for B2B firms, it’s now the most i...
    Joel Comm
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  • A Chill in the Air? What Small Businesses Should do When Recession Looms

    The U.S. is in one of the longest periods of expansion ever, as June marked the 10-year anniversary of our current economic expansion. Yet there are signs we are heading towards a recession within the next year:  ...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Instagram and IGTV Video: 3 Examples of Great Business Content

    Next to real-life communication, video on social media is the best way to connect with prospects, clients and customers. Yet social channels need to make video adjustments if they hope to compete with YouTube.   ...
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  • Creating Small Business Wins Through Cross Promotion

    One of the best ways to get more customers for your small business is by cross-promoting with other small businesses. Big companies cross-promote all the time (such as fast-food operators offering kiddie toys to promo...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • Are You Ready to Start a Nonprofit?

    Do you want to give back? Pay it forward? Change the world?   There are many ways to accomplish that. In the business world, many with those goals decide to start a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.   ...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • Just Introducing Myself!

    Greetings, everyone!   My name is Greg, I'm a marketing analysis from "Official Top 5 Review". We're providing consulting services for our clients who want to improve their homes (along with loan type consulting...
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  • Hello From Rob

    Hey everyone!   I had no clue there was such a large community of entrepreneurs, so I'm quite excited about being here.   My name is Rob Scheibe, my business is Rob Scheibe Insurance, I own an independent ...
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  • Top 5 Strategies for Winning at Instagram

    With over 1 billion users, Instagram is just too big for businesses (even small ones) to ignore. The image-sharing platform, owned by Facebook, is a vital channel for connecting with customers, building engagement, an...
    Joel Comm
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  • Top 5 Best Flexible Solar Panels You should buy in 2019

    Hi!   If you struggle with your electrical bills, I would advise checking my review of the best solar panels available on the market! Our company tested the various amount of panels and I want to represent you ...
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  • Sound Marketing: How Small Businesses Can Use Podcasts

    Do you remember the first season of the podcast Serial, way back in 2014? Not only was it a captivating story, but the show launched podcasting into the stratosphere, becoming “an event.”   The lon...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Five Blog Platforms for Small Business Owners

    By Heather Chaet.   Propelling your brand to the forefront of your field takes much more than a functioning website and a loyal social media following. You need to establish yourself as a thought leader to maneu...
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  • How to Use Live Chat Software for Lead Generation

    It’s been more than a year that you started your business. It’s doing well so far, but now you feel that it’s time to go online.   You know that reaching your audience is important and taking y...
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  • The Anatomy of Great Customer Service

    No matter the size of your business, there’s a customer experience journey to be had. You might not think about it that way, or talk about it, but even a lemonade stand has the opportunity to deliver good and ba...
    Chris Brogan
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  • The Booming Business of Wellness – is it Right for You?

    Are you passionate about health, fitness and nutrition? So are millions of Americans. According to The Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry grew by 12.8 percent between 2015 and 2017 and accounts for 5.3 p...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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