• Coronavirus Resources for Small Business

    Coronavirus Resources: What You Need to Know For Your Small Business. As countless small business owners confront unprecedented financial challenges due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), we are developing articles desig...
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  • Coronavirus and Your Taxes: What Businesses and Individuals Need to Know About the IRS Tax Extension

    To help taxpayers weather the economic fallout of the coronavirus, the IRS has extended the April 15 federal income tax filing and payment deadline by three months to July 15.   “During the three-month pos...
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  • Tips on Preparing for a Long-Term Supply Chain Disruption During Coronavirus Outbreak

    As we’re still coming to terms with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s clear many small businesses will experience a delay or complete interruption in their supply chains. Whether it’s t...
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  • Managing Coronavirus: How to Cut Overhead and Not Staff

    As you well know, starting and owning your own business is expensive – rent, labor, insurance, etc. It all adds up. And in a time of economic uncertainty like now, cutting back is likely high on your to-do list....
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  • IntraLinks Guide: How to download and upload documents

    Community, please click this link for a PDF guide on how to download and upload documents for the Paycheck Protection Program in IntraLinks.
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    I Applied for the PPP Loan on APRIL 3 and today I received to upload documents through intralinks which Ive never heard of before and want to make sure I dont get scammed. Can anyone share their experience?   T...
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  • SBA approval timeline and experience

    I'm sure many of you are watching the news of the PPP loan approvals, and that Bank of America had already received like $36 billion in loan requests by Monday.  I wanted to share my timeline and experience. ...
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  • PPP loans. What is going on

    Well I realize this is not the general area to ask questions and get answers maybe somebody can shed some light on this I submitted my application Saturday afternoon once Bank of America change that criteria and drop...
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  • Hi can anyone  show me how i go up load my doc.i  am sign in now im at websites small business community.

    I log in and it take me here at websites bankofamerica community. Am I in right place or where else. Help me out please struggle to upload. Bank of America send me an email said that I need to  upload my doc.whic...
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  • Sole proprietorship with no payroll

    I am Jim Heaphy in American Canyon, California, and I have operated my small family business TopRepair as a sole proprietorship since 1993, which consists of me, my wife and my son, who works for us as an independent ...
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  • Slow low no US sales

    I have been in business for about 3 years and still struggle to grow my following. I have tried selling very cheap childrens clothing and no one buys them. Then I start selling more expensive clothing and almost all o...
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  • Legit Links to upload documents for Paycheck Protection Program

    Hello everyone,   I'm a small business owner who applied for the Paycheck Protection Program loan few days ago and today received the following email, prompting us to upload the supporting documents via IntraLin...
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  • Intralinks e-mail/log-in

    Applied for the PPP loan, received an e-mail from Intralinks that wants me to log-in and submit loan documents. I have 2 main questions:   1. Is this legitimate? There is no Bank of America badging anywhere on t...
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  • Applied for SBA Payroll Protection

    I filled out the entire application and when I hit submit the little time wheel just keeps spinning.  Every once in a while a message will pop up  asking if I need more time for my application.  What do...
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  • If you are looking for someone to help with your website or app, ask me. I had these built and the people who did it are awesome. I'm happy to refer their services to anyone interested. They were extremely cost effective and delivered on quality.

    If you are looking for someone to help with your website or app, ask me. I had these built and the people who did it are awesome. I'm happy to refer their services to anyone interested. They were extremely cost effect...
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  • Where do I set my Intralinks password?

    where do I set my Intralinks password?
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  • Coronavirus Relief and Resources for Small Businesses

    As small businesses struggle with the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19), the Small Business Community will continue to provide updates on grants, special loans and other financial relief to help your business survive. ...
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  • PPP now open to those with only business checking

    Checked this morning and was able to submit the application. No real info about what happens next and no email confirmation or follow up so far.
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  • Confirmation Email

    Hi. I applied for the PPP this morning around 9:00am EST and read somewhere within the application that I would be receiving a confirmation email.  I have not received the confirmation email to this point in time...
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  • PPP link available

    Signed into my Business Services account about 30 mins ago and there was a big link to submit an application for PPP.  Went through it pretty smoothly.    
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