• Should I create my own website using online software, or seek the help of a professional?

    My business needs a website that is one of the main sources of value to the customer. It needs to provide information on the product, as well as list the customers involved in the current program using photographs and...
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  • Seo tools to boost your ranking

    Updated list of best seo tools for keywords research, website audit, competitor in India. Compare features, price, reviews of seo software. get free demo
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  • Your Wildest Ideas are Your Best Ideas

    There’s one fundamental difference between an experienced business owner and an aspiring entrepreneur.   An experienced business owner knows the value of an idea.   They know an idea is worth…...
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  • Why You Should (Always) Hold Your Customer’s Hand

    My better half is launching a new skin health business. As part of the process, she ordered labels from an online vendor and the  experience was horrendous. Though she’d ordered with what she felt was plent...
    Chris Brogan
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  • Hi there!

    Hi everyone! I am an engineer, entrepreneur and a consultant building digital products for startups. Would love to network and talk about startups, small business and technology
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  • Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs

    Small Business Story Collection: Celebrating the Power of Women Women small business owners are paving the way.  This collection highlights how to embrace the unique challenges women face and thrive as small bus...
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  • 2019 Bank of America Women Business Owner Spotlight with Sharon Miller

    Women entrepreneurs plan to grow their businesses and hire more workers in 2020. As they grow as business leaders, it is vital for women to mentor the next generation of female business owners. Bank of America’s...
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  • Business Identity Theft in the U.S: Victim Resources

    Victim Resources Do you think your business has been the victim of identity theft? Not sure where to start or what to do? This fact sheet provides some guidance and a list of resources. It is important to note that th...
  • Quick intro: Charlyn from Stormbreaker Studios

    Hi everyone! I've just joined, quick intro: I create mobile apps (iOS/Android/Web). I run a completely US-based team in Orlando, Florida. I look forward to connecting and learning from all of you. If I can answer any ...
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  • Quick Introduction

    Hi All,   I'm Beth and working as a product manager at Scalefusion which is a SaaS company provide mobile device management solutions to all related industry so being an expert in this field I would like to help...
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  • Is Your Small Business Workforce Female Friendly?

    What can your business do to ensure your workplace is friendly to the women in your workforce?   InHerSight, a website that allows women to anonymously rate how female-friendly their workplaces are, collected ...
    Steve Strauss
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  • Client Spotlight: Elizabeth Foster, Founder, Maison Visionnaire

    “I’ve often looked at something and thought that if it was just tweaked a bit, it could be a whole lot better,” said Elizabeth Foster, founder of Maison Visionnaire.   Foster owned a home fra...
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  • Websites

    Hello and happy Tuesday! Have you noticed something about the rules for making websites? Mostly there are no rules. It’s your jam. Your story, your message, your archetype. Some people have a home page with a ...
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  • Angel Investors Seek Women-Owned Business Startups: How to Find a Match

    For entrepreneurs, especially women, finding the money to start and grow a business is a looming issue. Most tap resources like their own savings, friends and family, and bank loans.   Read Next: Learn about ...
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  • Marketing to Women & Growing through Woman-Focused Messaging

    Authenticity is key in marketing to women. Look at how your brand or product can genuinely help and/or empower women while tapping into what they find valuable. And, what women value is pretty much everything from wor...
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  • Make Halloween a Treat for Your Small Business

    Halloween was the best when I was a kid.   Tricking, treating, running, laughing and eating our way into sugar oblivion, we roamed the neighborhood in search of, if not the next big thing, then at least the next...
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  • Women Entrepreneurs Are Optimistic Yet Equal Access to Capital Remains Elusive

    To what do women business owners owe their success—and what remains to be done to help the next generation of women entrepreneurs?   Bank of America recently released its 2019 Bank of America Women Busine...
    Rieva Lesonsky
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  • The Booming Business of Pet Pampering

    Americans have long had a passion for pets, but millennials are taking that interest to new heights.   Since 2017, when millennials surpassed baby boomers as the largest single group of pet owners (35% vs. 32%...
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  • Local Business Marketing Strategies

    I'm trying to decide if I should put my money into google ads, or facebook ads. My inbox got pummeled with emails about this workshop this morning and it seems alright - https://www.mattenglishconsulting.com/workshop ...
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  • Women Ri$ing: Closing the Million-Dollar Wealth Gap

    Women have made enormous gains—socially, professionally and economically—in the last few decades. And progress is being made on challenges that remain, such as the ongoing wage gap with men and balancing w...
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