• What type of agreement do i need?

    I will be hiring a developer to code a software program for me based on my ideas. It is my intention to sell this software program. Can someone please tell me what type of agreement I will need them to sign so that it...
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  • Finding JV/Private Equity For Real Estate Projects

    I am a residental real estate developer, and have two projects at different stages currently in progress. I have owned the properties for roughtly 5 years, and have recently been offered a tremendous pay off discount ...
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  • Wanting to start a small business with Flight Simulators

    I have been contemplating a business with flight simulation for entertainment for some time. What I am currently wanting to do is purchase a setup that has a trailer that holds two cockpit simulators. I intend to use ...
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  • How to buy a good business without using your own money

    How to buy a good business without using your own money - Part 1 - Why This Works:   We all know the principle of leverage.   In its primary application it is where you use tools and positioning to increa...
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  • seeking start up money for a trucking business

    trying to start my trucking company have some money but need about 20,000 to 25,000 more. where would be the best place to fine the money with out high intrest rates. my credit ok not the best about 620 and do not hav...
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  • BoA Directory

    Hello, I am wondering if this community will be agree to get a BoA business directory for members or visitors, so when we are looking for services or products, it will be much easier to find. Thank you
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  • Lease personal vehicle to business

    I want to lease a vehicle to my Sub S so I can depreciate it on my personal tax return to offset other income. Am I correct in thinking that I need to claim the lease income on my personal return, and that I can deduc...
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  • NUXE Tech LLC

    Hi All,   Hope you guys are staying safe. We are a small software startup looking for new projects based in Texas. We are thinking about starting with small projects and prove ourselves and then move towards big...
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  • Top 9 Alternatives to YouTube Monetization for Video Creators

    Introduction   YouTube has been under a microscope ever since it unveiled its first monetization rules for its video platform. People were excited and skeptical at the same time, and for good reason since the pl...
    Liana Kailey
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  • What is the most inexpensive way to build a website?

    I would like to know if there is somebody who can help me build a website and social media presence for my business. What is the best way to go about doing this?
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  • Does anyone use the Profit First approach to small business accounting?

    Hello All!  I am just starting my small business journey and have been reading up on some accounting methodologies including Profit First which was popularized by author Mike Michalowicz.  I am wondering i...
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  • How to Build an e-Commerce Platform?

    A shopping platform doesn’t seem like a big deal until you consider the technical complexity of developing an online store. Agree?
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  • Is there anyone who knows about selling a business?

    I am new here and considering selling my Eating Disorder Center. I am new to this prospect and any direction or advice would be appreciated. As I have researched thus far the fact that another facility in the area sol...
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  • Software development

    Hello, my name is Alex and im working in IT field. yeswesoft.com it's my company. Im looking for clients from USA, where I can find them, I mean any forums, communities etc. And may be there is any special conditions ...
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  • Slow low no US sales

    I have been in business for about 3 years and still struggle to grow my following. I have tried selling very cheap childrens clothing and no one buys them. Then I start selling more expensive clothing and almost all o...
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  • Proven Benefits of Call Center Software in the Travel Industry

    Since technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, it has also turned into a necessary tool for the proper functioning of all sectors; whether it is for business or leisure. The travel and tourism sector ...
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  • LLC becoming part of a C corp

    We have a small 8 person company that started out as a two person LLC, but we had to convert to a C corp to take an investment. As the LLC, we received a government SBIR grant, so we couldn't shut down the LLC entity,...
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  • How do you fund an Scorp that has two PLLC's each with their own bank account?

    I am starting an Scorp with two shareholders and registering two PLLC's businesses under it. Each has their own bank account and we keep all bookkeeping separate. All income derived from each business goes into their ...
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  • are there any companies need purchasing service?

    Our ecosystem production center is located in China, we may act as your purchasing office locally we not only source products but also may produce according to your design in small MOQ and cost effectively.   i...
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  • introduce myself and looking for partners

    hello everyone, my name is Joe Ryan, username here dqmade in fact is my company URL dqmade.com, i'm from China but have different way of thinking After 12 years international business, i'm re-thinking what is the val...
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