• PPP loans. What is going on

    Well I realize this is not the general area to ask questions and get answers maybe somebody can shed some light on this I submitted my application Saturday afternoon once Bank of America change that criteria and drop...
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  • PPP loan lower than requested

    After waiting for weeks, I finally received an email saying that BOA was ready to disburse our PPP loan funds. But, when I logged in, the loan amount was only 10% of what I submitted.   I am self employed and h...
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  • how soon after BOAsubmits ppp loan to sba does the sba assign a number

    I got an email 4/28 4pm stating my loan has been submitted to SBA  for approval. My question is typically how soon after this email do we get assigned a loan number by the SBA ?   My timeline is 4/3 - Init...
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  • One step away from receiving PPP funds?

    Got an email this morning saying I was one step away from receiving funds and just needed to sign my promissory note, signed in but nothing there to sign? I spoke with a BOA loan specialist who told me to sign in to m...
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  • Anyone else having issues signing the promissory note for PPP loan?

    This morning i received an email saying that I just need to sign the promissory note to complete the process for the PPP loan.  However, when I click on the link it doesn't work or the form is not there.  Is...
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  • did not receive intralinks email for PPP

    I received an email today from B of A saying I hadn't replied to the intralinks email with documents for my PPP but I never received the email.  How do I get a hold of someone? William
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  • Assistance Hub?

    Can anyone let me know how to get to the Assistance Hub to confirm I've uploaded my documents. When I click either the Get Started and Assistance Hub it just takes me to my regular sign in and accounts.
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  • PPP Loan Forgiveness

    Has anybody received any information from Bank of America on the instructions for applying for PPP loan forgiveness?   We're curious as the 8 week period starts for us, we want to make sure we're falling into th...
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  • PPP Incorrect funding amount?

    Anyone get their loan amount funded, but give them be wrong amount? I was told to change my last minute. Zero follow up after numerous calls, emails, etc.
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  • PPP asking for wrong docs

    I am a sole proprietor and was only required to upload a few documents like 1040 schedule C, profit/loss statement for the PPP loan.  So I finally got an email response in Intralinks and they are now saying I am ...
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  • Cancelling/returning PPP after note signage and pending disbursement?

    Is there any guidance on the returning/cancellation of PPP once the funds have been disbursed (pending in my account)? My business situation has changed since my note signage and I don't think i can reconcile those ch...
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  • Anyone else have wrong Loan amount?

    I finally received the email about the attestation and promissory note but the loan amount is wrong. It's only a fraction of the amount that it should be. I'm not sure whether to accept this loan or not.
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  • I was approved for the wrong amount - HELP

    I just received approval but for a drastically lower amount. I used all the info from my payroll provider and the amount barely covers 1 employee not 7.   I check and recheck all the numbers on interlinks and m...
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  • Whats next after updating business information submitted?

    It's been more than a week since I got the email to Select "I'm ready" and updated my business information. I did what was asked and submited. It has been a week and I have not recieved any email or anything about wha...
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  • PPP Program - Timeline and Process after “Your Application is Complete” Letter

    After getting my application in on April 6th and hitting all the roadblocks described in this blog, I finally received the letter, just yesterday, saying that my application is complete and will be sent to the SBA. &#...
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  • PPP - Uploaded Docs on April 8 - still no email or notification ?

    Hello All,   We applied for the Payroll Protection Plan loan on 4/8/20 and uploaded all 4 documents as asked. We also received an email from Intralinks confirming the upload was successful.   Since then w...
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  • Ppp legal attestation

    Iam receiving emails to download PPP Leagal attestation. But when I go in there's no tab for it   Any suggestions
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  • Should I create my own website using online software, or seek the help of a professional?

    My business needs a website that is one of the main sources of value to the customer. It needs to provide information on the product, as well as list the customers involved in the current program using photographs and...
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  • fedex line haul business

    Hi there,   I am looking to connect with existing Fedex line haul contractors who have been in this business for a long time. I just bought a line business about a year ago and would like to share ideas and expe...
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  • No Promissory Note after the email confirmation I received an SBA loan number

    On May 1st I got an email saying Good news – You've been assigned a SBA loan identification number. However, today is May 7 and I haven’t got the email link to sign the promissory note. I emailed the PPP h...
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