• 11 Small Business Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startup Companies

    In today’s Internet-powered world, smart entrepreneurs and small businesses are growing faster and becoming stronger with every passing day. So, to stay on top of your business endeavor you need to master some o...
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  • Hi everybody

    Looking forward to sharing my expertise on here and learning from others. I've ran a digital marketing firm in DC for the past 8 years, called the Worldwide Agency, and have also recently launched a Saas video ad make...
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  • Software projects

    What are some of the sources of getting business from local community...I know about Craigslist, Pennysaver. Google seo which takes a lot of time never saw any business coming from here. what else are free ways of adv...
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  • Top 3 app development solutions to startup a taxi app

    The market has been witnessing a massive shift from traditional taxi to convenient traveling solutions. The major reason for such a shift includes a rise in smart device sales coupled with next-generation millennials ...
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  • Smartphone Apps Now a days

      The X-beam machines work because of electromagnetic radiation that is altogether undetectable to the human eye, yet which can cross the human body and print them on photographic film. At present, there are digi...
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  • Hi am new here

    I am a passionate traveler, visited more than 13 countries, still wandering to explore more beautiful places in the world. Innovative and new places that attract due to its history and special aspects. I recently visi...
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  • The Accounts Payable Automation Opportunity

    For organizations seeking ways to streamline back-office operations, cut costs and achieve best practices, accounts payable represents an area of opportunity. This labor-intensive cost center once required many clerks...
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  • How to find a co-founder for a tech startup?

    Can anybody share some tips or experience? I am struggling to find a business developer as a co-founder who would help me take my project to the next level. I have some traction but the business is not growing. I have...
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  • What is the difference in taste about Making tea in different teapots?

    I have some green tea at home. I usually like to drink them very much. I heard that the tea leaves made with different teapots have different flavors. Is this true? Does anyone know that these teapots are suitable for...
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  • How to Start a Mobile Business – On the Way to Small Business Success

    Any business that doesn’t operate out of a particular location is a mobile business. That definition covers a wide range: anything from trucking, to electricians, to hot dog stands. For people who want to be the...
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  • Cloud Based Inventory Make Small Business Management Easy

    Business management software, a blessing of modern technology makes business management easy, comfortable and effective. Good business management software can analyze your business and helps to properly utilize busine...
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  • Hello from the Philippines!

    Hi all!   I’m Twinkle from the Philippines.  I’m here to gain knowledge about business and maybe learn the difference between how businesses grow in your country and mine.   I hope you won&...
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  • Best Chat APIs/Tools for Consultation App

    Hey there, I’m looking at bringing Chat functionality into the consultation app I’m building. I want to offer text, voice, video chat, private messaging etc… I took a look pubnub at but their monthl...
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  • just hello

    Hello, everyone!  My name is Leroy Cannady, I have just started by business called "Rotten Ball".    
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  • When your 1099 & K-1 forms start arriving in 2020

    The new year comes with new Tax Compliance issue. Every firm that you preformed  more than $600 of work for will be required by law to issue a 1099 -W-2 or K-1 to you and the IRS.   Ignoring these form...
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  • Introduction

    Hi All,   I'm Willie and working as a product manager at Scalefusion which is a SaaS company provide mobile device management solutions to all related industry so being an expert in this field I would like to hel...
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  • Life is short - don’t get hacked (pun intended).

    Hi everyone, I am an information security consultant and can help you understand the risk involved in Information Technology.   Recently, I made a small guide about some of the key action items that we all mus...
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  • Women's Small Business Month is Here

    Bank of America is honoring Women's Small Business Month with your stories!  We’d like to add your voice to the conversation by asking you a question.   What is the most important thing you’ve ...
    Bank of America SB Team
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  • Reduce Taxes, keep more of your earnings

    As we close in on the end of this year, all Self-Employed / Small Business owners should start to focus on minimizing there IRS/ STATE Tax Bills. The best way to reduce one taxes is to say Tax Compliance. This will s...
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  • Top 9 Alternatives to YouTube Monetization for Video Creators

    Introduction   YouTube has been under a microscope ever since it unveiled its first monetization rules for its video platform. People were excited and skeptical at the same time, and for good reason since the pl...
    Liana Kailey
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