• Looking for a business partner for a unique concept, the first to utilize a reusable food carrier.

    The e-commerce food industry is expected to grow from $4 billion to $31 billion by 2022, and solid-waste generation is expected to exceed 6,000,000 TONS per day; approximately 30% of this waste comes from food packagi...
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  • Slow low no US sales

    I have been in business for about 3 years and still struggle to grow my following. I have tried selling very cheap childrens clothing and no one buys them. Then I start selling more expensive clothing and almost all o...
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  • PPP link available

    Signed into my Business Services account about 30 mins ago and there was a big link to submit an application for PPP.  Went through it pretty smoothly.    
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  • Link to application

    Has a link to start the process for Paycheck Protection Program? Thanks!
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  • Coronavirus Relief and Resources for Small Businesses

    As small businesses struggle with the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19), the Small Business Community will continue to provide updates on grants, special loans and other financial relief to help your business survive. ...
    SBC Team
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  • Re ppp

    Anyone know where the link will be on website?
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  • Please check out my website

    Hello everybody,  I'm building a website and i hope you are willing to help me by giving me some feedback. My website is lazyitinerary.com  The website is called Lazy Itinerary and it tries to help traveler ...
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  • Donna Here...

    Hello Everyone! Happy to be part of this community I am an eComm Developer and love to help SMBs & Companies with Simplifying Marketing and Development roadblocks. Playing with the Analytical Data and digging int...
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  • How to register a "sole proprietor" business in Austin?

    I am a small business owner that recently moved to Austin, and could use some advice.   I need to show documentation to verify my small businesses; MIKES-PC-SHOP.COM and YOU-ON-TV.COM. Although I started them ye...
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  • Paycheck Protection Program

    Hello,   Does anyone know how to apply for Paycheck Protection program for small businesses that was signed by the Federal government within the $2T Covid-19 stimlulus package last week?   Thanks
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  • Agreements for Startups

    What types of agreements your startup needs?
    roxana linda
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  • Looking for Software Development and Digital Marketing services?

    Your search stop here.........Algostatic works like your digital marketing partner devoted intrinsically to deliver real measurable results that you desire. Our large client base around the globe seeks our cutting edg...
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  • Quarterly 941

    Has IRS said we don't have to pay Quarterly 941's due 4/15?  And if we don't will there be penalties?  Do we still file the paperwork and just not the payment?   I am struggling to find an answers....
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  • Hello all and how to publish articles in the community blog?

    Hello all,   My name is Oliver and I'm a new member to the community.   I would like to publish an article in the sales and marketing blog. Can I do that? how can I do that?   Thanks and great to be...
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  • New here

    Hello, I'm just getting used to it... I wanted to greet you and wish you good health in this season of the virus
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  • If you are looking for someone to help with your website or app, ask me. I had these built and the people who did it are awesome. I'm happy to refer their services to anyone interested. They were extremely cost effective and delivered on quality.

    If you are looking for someone to help with your website or app, ask me. I had these built and the people who did it are awesome. I'm happy to refer their services to anyone interested. They were extremely cost effect...
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  • The Whole World is Changing

    How you doing??   It’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.   Good things will happen in the midst of the chaos.   Last but not least, know this: there is a place for you during thi...
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  • Top 9 Alternatives to YouTube Monetization for Video Creators

    Introduction   YouTube has been under a microscope ever since it unveiled its first monetization rules for its video platform. People were excited and skeptical at the same time, and for good reason since the pl...
    Liana Kailey
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  • How do small businesses survive in these troubled times?

    These are really hard times for small business owners and I was wondering if there are any tips on how to survive these hard times,
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  • Why rental agreement is important?

    Why rental agreement is important?
    roxana linda
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