• WooCommerce Vs Shopify

    WooCommerce Vs Shopify is a long-going debate So, which platform would be your preference and why?
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  • 11 Small Business Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startup Companies

    In today’s Internet-powered world, smart entrepreneurs and small businesses are growing faster and becoming stronger with every passing day. So, to stay on top of your business endeavor you need to master some o...
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  • Hi Everyone, Ray McKenzie - Founder | CEO of StartingPoint

    Hi Everyone,   My name is Ray McKenzie and I am the founder and CEO of StartingPoint.   Looking forward to engaging with everyone on the platform. To give you a bit of my background..born and raised in Ca...
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  • Hello everyone form Sam

    H everyone from smallbusinessonlinecommunity. My name is Samantha and I work as an accountant is a small company in Clifford New Jersey. I registered here because I more than a couple of times stumbled upon this websi...
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  • Zoom, Skype, Teams, Meet or Rooms? Or is there something better?

    I just wanted to do an informal poll on what your favorite video conferencing tools are and why?   I use mainly Zoom but their security issues are starting to really bother me.   I have a Teams account but...
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  • What's Your Zelle Name for Sole Props in California

    Hi guys,   I've been getting different answers from different branches, even the call centers. So I figured it's best to ask those who actually have the accounts.   For Sole Props in California, we gotta u...
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  • Don't Sell Products, Provide Solutions

    People are bombarded by 5000 marketing pieces a day. They don’t want to hear about your products! They want to solve a problem. Instead of pushing products, push your solution. Better yet, have your customers do...
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  • Local Business Marketing Strategies

    I'm trying to decide if I should put my money into google ads, or facebook ads. My inbox got pummeled with emails about this workshop this morning and it seems alright - https://www.mattenglishconsulting.com/workshop ...
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  • How has your company pivoted in the pandemic?

    I would like to know how your company or one you know has pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic and how you/they did it. I think it's critical to share examples of positive change in this difficult time and to be an ex...
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  • New here

    Hello, I'm just getting used to it... I wanted to greet you and wish you good health in this season of the virus   upd. Thank you all for the warm welcome, I learned a lot here!
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  • Greetings from Boston

    Hi everyone, came here to say hello.   I have recently joined the community to learn and share as I'm working on a project related to home improvement, Ourhomesmagazine. We are providing consulting services for...
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  • Starting a Nursing Staffing Agency in CT

    Hi, does anyone know some good insurance companies that offer General Liability and Workers Compensation Liability? This is  required in the state of CT in order for me to get my business license
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  • As I am new here would like to connect with all of you !

    Helping small business owners to focus on their business by keeping their books up to date. Keeping my clients books is my priority. I am Chartered Accountant (CA) from ICAI, passed exam for Certified Public Accountan...
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  • Greetings From The Content Unlimited

    Hi everyone, Just hit this platform to make new connections.   I have recently joined the community to share my expertise and learn a few tricks about running my small business and making new clients. i have rece...
    Madiha Jamal
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  • Should I create my own website using online software, or seek the help of a professional?

    My business needs a website that is one of the main sources of value to the customer. It needs to provide information on the product, as well as list the customers involved in the current program using photographs and...
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  • Seo tools to boost your ranking

    Updated list of best seo tools for keywords research, website audit, competitor in India. Compare features, price, reviews of seo software. get free demo
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  • 3 Brightcove Alternatives for Live Video Streaming Platform

    Video is the new currency of the web. Surprising? Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie) earns an approximate $15 million. Roman Atwood pegs at $8 million. Smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) pockets $7 million. All estima...
    Liana Kailey
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  • Hi everyone, I am new here, and would like to say hi to you guys!

    Hi everyone, i just come over and would like to say hi and get acquainted with you guys. My name is Richard, working with JewelryBund. Our company is a world leading wholesale jewelry and fashion accessories supplier ...
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  • Introduction

    I recently joined the Small Business Community and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.   My name is Prakash Iyer and I am a CPA. My firm VXL Services is based in New Jersey and we provide Accoun...
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  • Opportunities in Adversity

    I know things are tough right now. But we've all seen throughout history that some of the best business ideas come from the toughest challenges.   What new business opportunities are you starting to see? What ne...
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