Aside from meeting someone in real life, video is the best way for small business owners to connect with prospects, clients and fans. There’s nothing like a real or virtual face-to-face encounter to develop that know, like and trust factor.


Whether you want to do a live video broadcast to educate, create your own show, be a guest expert for someone else, or both, there are plenty of opportunities for Facebook Live video in your small business marketing.


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Facebook Live in Groups


Facebook has made Groups a priority, giving admins new features, such as welcome posts, member profiles, and badges to foster community among their members.


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Posting regular updates in your group, as well as starting threads that encourage conversation, is a must. Broadcasting live video inside your Facebook Group is a great way to share information, while bringing your group members together.


    • Joey Vitale is a lawyer with an Indie Law Facebook page that helps entrepreneurs through the trademark process. Vitale used regular Facebook Lives to build the law firm’s connected group to 7,000 members. Note: His firm recently re-niched their focus to Trademark Law for Online Entrepreneurs, and the new Facebook group is already rapidly growing using the same strategy.


    • The Market Like a Nerd Facebook group, aimed at female coaches and service providers, has a schedule of fun and informative posts, where the team “goes LIVE in the group to provide you NO-PITCH, VALUE ONLY content so you can turn up your marketing game in your business.”


No matter what your expertise, if you run a Facebook Group you can easily visit with your members regularly through Facebook live.


Facebook Live with a Sponsor


Branded content is an excellent way to earn money, while exposing your audience to complementary tools, products, or services. Many of my Facebook lives are monetized this way.


Here are examples of branded content I created for:



Target potential collaborators (brands, SaaS companies), and learn about their brands. Once you develop relationships with the companies you want to evangelize, invite them to be a Facebook Live sponsor. Remember, creators and publishers are responsible for tagging a business partner's Page when posting branded content.


Do an educational Facebook Live video broadcast and make a soft offer. Sponsored content works best when you choose the items you love to share with your audience. You want to seek out the most mutually beneficial situations.


As an influencer or brand ambassador, you may be eligible to sign up for Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager feature. This will enable you to build a portfolio to showcase your content and potentially attract more deals.


Facebook Live Regular Show


As a small business owner, you ideally want to be the go-to-expert in your industry. To share your knowledge, tips, and trends in your industry, create a regular Facebook Live show. Broadcast on your Facebook business page and encourage your viewers to engage with your content by asking relevant questions.


    • Multiple New York Times best-selling author, wellness activist, and cancer thriver Kris Carr goes live on Facebook every week for Wellness Wednesday. Her lives are fairly informal, personal and highly engaging. Plus, she does a nice mix of uploaded videos in-between.


    • Live Streaming Pros David Foster and Luria Petrucci practice what they preach. They build professional studios for clients, and their regular broadcasts - every Tuesday and Friday at 1pm PT - are very educational. Their lives span multiple pages, and are also shared on YouTube, and now Microsoft’s Mixer.


Keep in mind, many of your fans and followers may watch your Facebook Live videos after the fact, which is fine. However, if you broadcast consistently, discuss relevant topics, share actionable advice, and interact with your loyal following, it may turn your show into appointment TV.


Facebook Live Guest Expert


If you prefer not to produce your own show, seek out opportunities to be a guest expert on “talk shows” in your industry.


    • Ecamm Live is a professional Facebook Live streaming software (for Macs). The founders recently launched a live series called Meet the Pros, where they bring on regular users to talk about how they are using the software.
    • Agorapulse is a top social media management tool. They just launched a new weekly social media news show called Social Pulse Weekly, hosted by Jennifer Watson, formerly of The Weather Channel. 


Look for Facebook live shows either in your field or industry-adjacent. For instance, if you have a CPA or a website design firm, you can adapt your topic to a variety of niches. Once you find Facebook Live shows that may be a fit, watch them, figure out how you can add value to their audience, and send a pitch.


Final Thoughts


Since its rollout in August 2015, Facebook Live has continued to grow in popularity. Especially over the last year, as people have become more comfortable recording live video, there’s really nothing stopping small business owners from truly utilizing the platform.

Give it a try. There are plenty of opportunities for your business to shine on Facebook live. You just need to look for opportunities to go live … or create them yourself.


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