The best way for any small business to make sales is always face-to-face. Nothing beats the personal touch. A talk with a company rep is often the only way to understand a buyer’s doubts, overcome their objections, show off your products, and push home your sales points.


A live video Q&A lets you do that online to hundreds and even thousands of potential buyers at the same time. It turns a sales pitch into a communal chat. You can think of it as creating your own shopping channel… but live and with two-way communication. You talk on the screen and the audience talks back to you through comments.


To make things even easier, built-in tools like Facebook Live let you get in front of an audience you’ve already grown for your business on social media. All you have to do is tell them when to tune in, point the camera at yourself, and hit the button.


How to get Best Results with a Live Q&A


First, welcome people as they arrive. You should see notifications as people join the audience. Mention them by name. Bring them in and make them feel at home. You might be talking to several hundredpotential buyers at the same time, but each person watching should feel you’re addressing them personally and that their questions and contributions are welcome. The more people who engage with you live, the more your audience will be alerted to the live stream and having the chance to join in and ask their own questions in the comments.Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.53.51 AM.png


Second, use supplementary services to improve the presentation of your Q&A., for example, will let you brand the appearance of your video and show the question you’re answering in a bubble-like chyron on the screen. It looks very professional. Everyone can see what you’re discussing, and you can even ask an assistant to add explanations or links to a sales page in real time so people can explore or purchase the product you’re describing.


Third, and most important, make the broadcast entertaining. This shouldn’t just be a chance for you to sit in front of a camera and be interviewed by an audience you can’t see. It should be a chance for you to show off your product, skills or services.


A cake designer, for example, could get the ball rolling by saying, “A lot of people ask me how I make cakes shaped like footballs. Here’s how I do it.” As she demonstrates the cake, her audience can ask her their questions about baking and cake decorating. Instead of just getting a Q&A, they get a live “television show” on a subject they love and in which they can ask the expert questions. It’s better than Netflix!


But you need to make sure that you prepare your audience prior to a live Q&A. Use the audience insights from your Facebook Business page to pick a time when you know the largest number of your audience is likely to be online. Let them know you’ll be doing a live stream and when it’s going to take place. Ask them the topics you’d like the Q&A to cover so you can prepare good, detailed answers. And encourage viewers to tell their friends. A live Q&A can take a few minutes to get going as people arrive late, so as they come in, take advantage of the intro period to encourage viewers to tag their friends in the comments or share the live stream link so their networks can tune in as well.


Lastly, remember that a live Q&A has another advantage: after it’s been live, it becomes a recorded Q&A. You can edit it, put it on your YouTube channel and your website, and keep building your audience and your community.


Twice the opportunity with half the work! Happy live streaming.





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