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Passwords, passwords, too many to remember… Ever wonder

how to create a safe and secure password that is impossible to crack?



Imagination – we know you are busy and don’t have time to think up unique and creative passwords, so

here’s a suggestion:


Use a random word generator. Like the link below:


Pick 2-3 words add some numbers, unique characters and a capital letter – and you are ready to go!


Like this:  noble3$kitten72True – 19 characters!



Safe storage – we know you can’t remember all these passwords, and you have a lot more important things

to remember to keep your business running. If you have to write them down, don’t store them in a file on

your computer!! Write them down and lock them up, just like you would for an extra set of your car or

warehouse keys, or lock combinations. These should be treated as any other “critical data” that needs to be

kept in a secure location.


There are commercial products to store passwords, such as KeePass and backup services such as SpiderOak

or Dropbox – all can be used to keep your password backed up and encrypted.


Did you know…

  • Longer the better – 10-20 characters – the longer the password, the harder it is for someone to crack



  • Don’t use words or phases that link to who you are, where you have lived – street, city you were born, date

     you were married, your business name, your business owner, kids names or birthdays



  • Change your password every three months or when prompted by the service you are using


  • Each password should only be use for one service. Don’t reuse passwords


  • Consider using a password manager – such as Dashlane or KeePass


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