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With the recent security attack on millions of Facebook accounts, it’s vital that you tighten up your own account security if you haven’t already. Facebook offers a variety of settings to help protect your account from potential risks.


In this video guide, I walk you through the specific recommended settings you should review on a regular basis to ensure the maximize security of your Facebook account to protect your personal information and your business information.


If access to your Facebook account was compromised, you can imagine the ramifications could be detrimental. That is, both from a personal reputation standpoint and possibly from a business standpoint. It behooves you to very carefully protect your Facebook login and account security so you maintain control.


Navigate to Settings, then Security and Login. Then go through the various settings, specifically:


  • Change your password if you haven’t changed it in the last 6-12 months. Also, if you can remember your password, it’s not cryptic or secure enough and should be updated. Use a password manager system such as LastPass or 1Password. Aim for at least 13 characters with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and at least one special character.

  • Set up two-factor authentication. If you prefer not to submit your mobile phone number, you can use an Authentication app. Follow the on screen instructions. You can even add a backup option such as a Security Key and/or Recovery Codes.

  • Choose three to five friends to add as your trusted contacts to help if ever you got locked out of Facebook.

  • Review your authorized logins and remove any that are no longer needed.

  • Set up alerts for any unrecognized logins.


Also, review the Apps and Websites section and Business Integrations sections to ensure you’re happy with any and all authorizations there. Many apps you use for your business page will need to remain connected to your Facebook account. For example, I use the live streaming apps and BlueJeans on a regular basis so they stay connected.


All these settings mentioned above can be accessed via desktop or mobile.


Always keep in mind that you should never share any highly sensitive information through Facebook such as your social security number, bank information, mother’s maiden name, or even your full birthdate or home address.


As a best practice, regularly review your Facebook security and login settings along with your privacy settings and authorized apps. This should help give you peace of mind as you go about using Facebook for both personal and business purposes.






Mari Smith:     Hello there. It's Mari Smith here, Premiere Facebook Marketing Expert. Coming to you in the Bank of America Small Business Community. I want to make sure that you know exactly where to find the settings to secure your Facebook account. You do have control over numerous settings, and we want to make sure that nobody ever has access to your account if you can possibly help it. There's been some challenges lately with some Facebook security breaches, and in this video I'm going to walk you through where to find those settings on desktop and on mobile. Very, very important that you take control of those settings.


Mari Smith:     How to Secure Your Facebook Account, An Important Guide for Users and Businesses. Because, we're all users here, and we're all businesses as well. I'm going to walk you through it in a moment, I'll just show you on this slide. Security and login. Set up your two factor authentication. Consider changing your password if you haven't changed it in a while. Review authorized logins, and set up alerts about unrecognized logins. I really like that one. It's going to text you a message if you've ever got unauthorized login.


Mari Smith:     In those separate settings we're going to look at reviewing apps and websites that are currently logged in with Facebook. Then the final one, reviewing any business integrations.


Mari Smith:     All right, so hop over first to desktop, and on your profile or anywhere as long as you've got the blue bar, it doesn't matter where you're looking. It could be on your homepage, but what we're mainly going to look for is this little blue triangle at the top. Click that, and look at settings. You probably know that already, but here's how you get to your settings, and up in the top left we want to tap on security and login.


Mari Smith:     Basically just working our way from top to bottom, if you want to, you can set up three to five friends to help you if you get locked out of your account. "Recommend to everyone," says Facebook. Then you can look at where you're logged in right now. If you see, you can see expand that. If you see any strange devices or locations that you should not be logged in as, you want to go ahead and you can either log out of all sessions, or you can tap the little three dots and say logout. Or, if it's not you, you want to let Facebook know that. For the most part you should be fine there with your devices, but definitely want to check that.


Mari Smith:     Here's where you change your password. If you have not changed your password in, I would say six months, or certainly a year. If it's been a year since you changed your password, well, well time for you to change it. Now, ideally super cryptic. I always say to people if you can remember your password, it is not cryptic enough. Clicking on edit in here, it will ask you to put your ... A little jumpy on me there. Current password, and then a new one. If you ... It's funny, if you forgot your password, you wouldn't be logged in.


Mari Smith:     You can also set this one up, which is login with your profile picture. You can do that on some devices. But, this is the main one right here that I want to make sure that you have, is logging in with two factor authentication. You set that up with a code from your phone. I think that's really one of the most secure ways to make sure you set your Facebook account. Then, I also want you to look at who right now is authorized logins. Again, same idea. You want to check all these. Oh my goodness, we've got a lot there. A lot there that I need to actually review myself. Those are all my iPad, or my Mac Book, or old phones. You probably want to actually un-log, log those out, okay? I can see I've got homework here to do too.


Mari Smith:     You could use app passwords if you want to. That's something that only works on some apps. You can use specific passwords instead of using your Facebook password to login. That's something you can check in on that. Here's one I mentioned that's really important, I recommend you have that on. You're getting alerts if there's any unrecognized login ever. Facebook will actually let you know by text message if someone's trying to login from a browser, or a device that you don't use. That's another layer of security. There they are reiterating the three to five friends down here, okay? That's it for now, you don't need anything else on that page.


Mari Smith:     Then over here I recommended two more settings. You've got apps and websites. Click on that. This is just going to let you know, way back earlier in 2018 here, Facebook really cleaned all this up, made it much easier for us to navigate. You should find that any, any apps in here are ones that you actually use, and you're happy for them to have access, and be logged in. If you haven't used them in about 30 days, Facebook will go ahead and expire them for you. It even keeps a list of the removed ones for you. You want to just keep an eye on that regular basis. Maybe once a quarter or so, come in here and go ahead and let's say, "Okay I no longer want Airbnb." I just check that, and I can hit remove, okay?


Mari Smith:     Then the third area to check is business integrations. This is similar to the apps and websites, but integrations with Facebook so that it can post on your behalf, things like that. Here's BeLive, I go live regularly on my page, and I use BeLive, different apps like that. Lots of different apps in here. Mobile Monkeys, my Chat Bot app that I use, Agora Pulse is the app that I use for community management. Lots of different apps in here that you just, you have to have them if you want to be able to operate on Facebook as a business for sure.


Mari Smith:     But, I want to make you aware of where to find those settings so that you can just keep a better eye on things, and make sure that you have full control. Then, let me bring up my phone because I want to show you, maybe you're doing everything by mobile and you're the type of person that just prefers mobile, and that's fine. You can go and pull up your Facebook. Similarly, it's the three little bars at the very bottom right. Tap on that. Scroll down until you get to settings right here. Tap that. Then you'll see, very similar to desktop, here is security and login. Tap that. Similarly, there's your login, there's your two factor authentication, extra security and so on. There are different settings in there. Then these ones right here, apps and websites. Then business integration, so you can do everything from your mobile device very, very easily.


Mari Smith:     Okay, hopefully that is helpful for you because sometimes it's just not obvious where to find these different settings, and what buttons mean when you press on them. But, hopefully you've gotten some value there. Make sure you go and review your security settings on your Facebook account. If you have any questions at all, reach out. I'd be to happy to help. Bye for now.





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