How do your employees punch their time cards? Do you require them to clock in and out via paper time cards, internet/phone line?


Today’s payroll systems allow you to record a wealth of information about your employees and the time they spend working. You can use the following factors to measure your workforce by attendance and labor:


·         Craft schedules for employees by determining the work flow and delegating the necessary man hours each task will need.

·         Ascertain a better understanding of how you should prioritize employee tasks with concise labor data.

·         Keep track of Paid Time Off (PTO).

·         Know where employees are working, whether local or remote.

·         See an overview of employee data and if they’re working, if they showed up on time and how close they are to end up working overtime.


As an employer, you can choose between an onsite system or a cloud-based solution. What are some pros and cons of using an electronic time tracking system rather than a manual one? ~Moderator Mel

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