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Needless to say, Facebook is one of the top social media sites out there and as such, is likely quite important for your business. That then begs the question: Have you refreshed your Facebook page recently (or worse, do you even have one)? If not, you need to really consider giving your Facebook a refresh because it very well may be the most essential social media platform in your small business toolbox.


Just look at the numbers:

  • Facebook has more monthly users
  • That monthly number now tops 1.1 billion
  • And that is nearly an entire billion more than Twitter or LinkedIn, which host 310 million and 255 million active users per month, respectively.


So yes, in this social media world, Facebook is that important. How then do you make your Facebook page relevant, how do you make it stand out?


Here’s how:


Make it personal: As a small business owner, you already know that one of our real advantages is that we can be, generally speaking, more friendly and approachable than our corporate cousins. Indeed, merely by being the semantic opposite of “big business,” we small businesses are granted a certain level of trustworthiness by consumers.


And frankly, that friendliness should be reflected in our Facebook as well. You have to think of it as an extension of your approachable, friendly brand. 

When looking at your business’s Facebook page, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few key questions:


  • Does this look like a page that will make people want to interact, or do we seem too robotic?
  • Is the information easy to navigate?
  • Is our page visually eye-catching?
  • Is it updated often enough?


It is important to choose a custom URL, a recognizable profile photo, and a relevant, aesthetically appealing cover photo across the top of your page. Most importantly, remember to include your location, hours of operation, and a catchy, brief paragraph about your business in the ‘About’ section (this sounds obvious enough, but you would be surprised by how many new small businesses neglect this step). These are the key ingredients for establishing a well-liked page.



Getting your page ‘liked’ is only the first step; the second step is to make sure that your followers are consistently interacting with your business and coming back for more. The best way to do this is to post regularly, daily if possible (see below). It is also vital to like and reply to comments as that creates the all-important “engagement”.


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You can also consider hosting a Live Stream video session that your followers can watch live, or later if they missed it. This new Facebook Live feature helps you interact in real time with your fans and puts a friendly, relatable face to your business’s name – again, one of the most significant distinctions between your small business and some other big business.


Make sure your page gets seen: With so many users and pages on Facebook, you need to make sure that yours stands out. Doing so is actually pretty easy. As mentioned, your main Facebook duty is to post daily updates that are noticeable and engaging. This is actually the fun part.


Here are a few suggestions for making quality Facebook posts:

  • Advertise your sales, specials, or new products
  • Use photos and videos – these are considered to be the most engaging type of Facebook content
  • Post surveys or polls – people love sharing their opinions
  • Announce contests, giveaways, and events


As long as your posts are entertaining and welcoming, people are sure to hit ‘like’ and continue to see what your small business has to offer. Gaining likes and comments are important in nurturing a personable brand, and these interactions oftentimes appear on the commenter’s friends’ Newsfeeds, a la “Jane Doe commented on Small Business’s photo”. This is essentially the Internet version of word-of-mouth advertising, which of course is the best advertising there is.


If you would like your posts to reach an even wider audience, you can always pay to ‘Boost’ your posts, or even your entire page. The span of your page’s reach will depend on how much you decide to pay, but it can be as cheap as just a couple bucks. And of course, it looks good to have a lot of likes (even if you have to pay for a few of them).


Finally, after you have made some progress with your Facebook page, you should check out the ‘Insights’ tab at the top of your page. You will be presented with graphs and charts that measure your posts’ performance over the past day, week, or 28 days. This tool will help you make decisions about what works for your small business.


Good luck, and happy Facebooking!


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