Digital_Audit_body.jpgBy Jennifer Shaheen.

For many small business owners, holiday sales play a huge role in determining the overall health of the business. Your digital presence has a vital role to play in your success. Customers will look at your website and social media when researching who has the best selection, most exciting deals, and more.

That’s why it’s a good idea to perform a thorough digital audit before the end of the year. If you haven’t done so already, here’s what you’ll want to look for:

Domain names

Make a list of all the domain names your company owns. Test them to make sure they’re connecting or forwarding appropriately. Ideally, all of your domain names should be listed on a single registry. If they’re not, move them to the registry company that’s been providing you with the best level of service and support. The transfer is a simple process and making the change will eliminate potential headaches and hassles that accompany lost or forgotten domain name renewals.

Social media integration

Check that customers can travel seamlessly back and forth between your website and social media without any disruption of the experience. Pay attention to your visual branding. The graphics, messaging, and feel of your website should be in alignment with your social media marketing. If you’re using “Buy Me” buttons on social media, make a test purchase to ensure that system is working properly.

Digital_Audit_PQ.jpgContact information accuracy

Your business address, hours of operation, and contact information must be accurate on your website as well as on social media and any review or directory sites you may be listed on. Today, people use Google to see if the phone number, address and hours of your business check out. Additionally, check to make sure information on your return, shipping, or other policy pages is accurate.

Email marketing

A thorough review of your email marketing lists will eliminate non-performing addresses. Additionally, cross-check your unsubscribe list against your in-house contact information. Great customers switch jobs and email addresses, and you don’t want to lose touch with them through inaccurate contact info. Cleaning your email list is also a great opportunity to assess the performance of specific campaigns. Look at your best performing messages to see what elements you can incorporate into this year’s holiday messaging.


Review your website analytics and social insights. Check and make sure that you are blocking any spam sites that can affect the correct review and analysis of your website traffic. Test to make sure all your data tracking is accurate so you can better adjust your marketing throughout the season.

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