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Do you “like” how your Facebook page is performing? Probably not: research has shown that for every 100,000 followers on Facebook, only 130 people will click on an organic post. The good news is that Facebook recently rolled out new tools designed to help the 45 million small businesses with a Facebook page. We talked to some smart small business owners who shared some of their favorite strategies:

1. Show your face

“I updated my profile picture by swapping out my company logo for a picture of me holding a magazine I was quoted in,” says Jennifer Martin of Zest Business Consulting in San Francisco. She found this simple change yielded a noticeable uptick on clicks and engagement.


2. Get personal

Posts that showcase the company culture invite the most attention for Kelsey Goeres, social media and marketing manager of MyCorporation.com in Calabasas, Calif. “When we post a photo of our employees celebrating a birthday or enjoying a team-building event, we always get a huge response from our customers and supporters,” she says. “Your audience is reminded that there are real people behind your business, and enjoy sneaking a peek into their lives."

3. Be creative with your page name

“Instead of naming your page after your business name, use your keywords in the customized URL that you select,” says Bob Bentz, president of Philadelphia-based ATS ATS Mobile (Advanced Telecom Services, Inc.),ATS Mobile (Advanced Telecom Services, Inc.),Mobile. “Something like Facebook.com/carpeting-Harrisburg can help you land on the first page of search results and drive local traffic.”

FB_page_best_practices_PQ.jpg4. Go local

Be a voice for the community, says Crystal Kendrick, president of Cincinnati-based Voice of Your Customer marketing firm. She shares everything from job opportunities to arts and entertainment events and tributes to local community leaders.

5. Make it easy

“I advise my clients who sell products online to connect their store to Facebook with an app like Bigcommerce, says Lynne McNamee, president of Lone Armadillo marketing agency in Plano, Tex. “When people are on Facebook, they want to stay there, and are more likely to complete that impulse buy if they don’t have to leave the site.”

6. Start a conversation

“We ask for our followers’ opinions on a new book or newly released album,” says Jordani Sarreal of Zebra Social who works with Pacific Studios, a recording studio in Tacoma, Wash. “Try to spark conversation so you become a spot where your followers can come together and interact.”

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