• Local Business Marketing Strategies

    I'm trying to decide if I should put my money into google ads, or facebook ads. My inbox got pummeled with emails about this workshop this morning and it seems alright - https://www.mattenglishconsulting.com/workshop ...
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  • Don't Sell Products, Provide Solutions

    People are bombarded by 5000 marketing pieces a day. They don’t want to hear about your products! They want to solve a problem. Instead of pushing products, push your solution. Better yet, have your customers do...
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  • How has your company pivoted in the pandemic?

    I would like to know how your company or one you know has pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic and how you/they did it. I think it's critical to share examples of positive change in this difficult time and to be an ex...
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  • Common Website Development Fails and Four Ways To Prevent Them

    Beth had a new website built for her thriving legal practice last year. While the site is beautiful, website traffic and leads have completely dried up. She doesn’t understand what could possibly have gone wrong...
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  • How to Start a Mobile Business – On the Way to Small Business Success

    Any business that doesn’t operate out of a particular location is a mobile business. That definition covers a wide range: anything from trucking, to electricians, to hot dog stands. For people who want to be the...
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  • Marketing resources for local businesses?

    I'm giving online marketing a go for my business. My kids tell me I NEED to be on facebook.   I thought I'd share some resources that have helped me a bit, and hopefully people can add to the list!   This ...
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  • Pros and Cons of Facebook Messenger Chatbots  - And the Dangers of Using One

    You may have heard of bad bots which spam people or make fake accounts. However, not all bots are bad. There are good chatbots and legal chatbots as well. One of the most popular bots is the Messenger chatbot which us...
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  • 11 Full-Stack CRM Tools to Streamline Your Marketing and Skyrocket Your Sales

    Every business strives for more exposure, increase in sales and a bigger customer base. However, business-growth demands sophisticated organizational skills and a lot of automated processes within the business. As a b...
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  • SEO or Google Ads? A Guide for Small Businesses

    SEO or Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords); this is perhaps one of the hardest questions for small business owners where there is no definitive answer. When both these are powerful tools for businesses, they have the...
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  • Don't Scrimp on Marketing Research!

    There's no question marketing research can be expensive. Even if your company is doing it in-house, marketing research still requires time and staff. Even if the research is entirely secondary, and can be found in lib...
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  • Are you Doing Marketing Research for the Right Reasons?

    Companies that fail to define their business problem or conduct unnecessary marketing research ultimately end up doing marketing research for the wrong reasons. You will know if your company is performing marketing re...
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  • When NOT to do Marketing Research

    Marketing research is an important part of a company's decision making process. However, there are times to do marketing research and times not to. When marketing research keeps you on top of the markets in which your...
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  • Article Alert - How To Make Organic Marketing Work Better on Facebook

    Do you use Facebook for marketing your business? If you've been involved in Facebook for a long time, you may have noticed changes in the way things work. The processes and algorithms have changed (and keep changing),...
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  • What Should be done to get your blog popular among your target audience.

    Are there any tips to get your blog ranked higher in less time.
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  • ideas to export used product

    I know many people who are exporting laptops to developing countries from USA.   I think this market is already bit saturated. What else I can export from usa , any ideas and where I can find/Search such produc...
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  • 20 Marketing Mistakes That Can Be Fatal To Your Business...

    20 Marketing Mistakes That Can Be Fatal To Your Business And How   To Keep Them From Crippling You By Brian Kaskavalciyan This is an excerpt from the above titled report. To get the full report, FREE go to www...
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  • Top 10 SaaS Marketing Tips (apart from SEO & PPC)

    I am doing SaaS products marketing for over 2 years now and I see many people ask me how we do it?   So I am sharing the Top 10 SaaS Marketing strategies that work for us:   Quora - give proper answers, do...
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  • Can anyone give any advice on how to generate more traffic to a website?

    Hi.  I am seeking advice from anyone who knows how to drive traffic to a website.  Personally, I have not had too much luck.  We have done a little of google adwords.  It can be very expensive. 
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  • How To Follow Up With Potential Clients?

    You delivered an amazing presentation and impressed the client. They love your product and they have already given a verbal commitment to close the deal soon. You’re sure you’re going to onboard this clien...
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  • How 6 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Digital Marketing Tools:

      Despite the fact that you are utilizing content from outstanding sources, or maybe even have outstanding content of your own, preparing workers for a new career is difficult. But if you’re a trainer, it o...
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