The short-form video-content platform Vine left the social-media space just over three years ago. Vine’s desire to stay true to the original concept – users record 6-second videos mar image.jpgwith cool tools and effects – meant  they did not evolve nor find a way to monetize the business, ultimately its downfall.


Fortunately, some social media platforms embraced similar features (Facebook and Instagram Stories), while others (Snapchat and TikTok) focused specifically on micro video content. They picked up the torch from Vine and ran with it.


Today, this type of content and these platforms have been embraced primarily by Generation Z – those born after the mid-90s. If your business targets a younger demographic, and you are not creating micro-video content, you are missing out on opportunities to connect with your ideal consumer.


Here are 5 things small business owners can learn from the short-form video  trend, as well as tips for how to incorporate it into your social media marketing strategy.


1. Mobile Is Micro-Video Content’s Best Friend


As a business, you put a high premium on appearing – and being – professional. Whether it’s a video or podcast, when it comes to multimedia production, you want a high-quality product to match your company’s persona. In many cases that means you need expensive equipment, a skilled editor, and lots of money.


At 6 to 15 seconds, micro-video content is short and sweet. It doesn’t need high production value. In fact, that might make your content stand out in a bad way. A quality cell phone camera is perfect for micro-content campaigns.


Most of the teens and young adults create and consume micro-video content on their smartphones, rather than a desktop computer. They always have a camera in their pocket, so why not?


To better blend in, businesses should use mobile devices and related tools for creating micro content. You just need to amp up your creativity and use the tools you have at hand.


2. Community Leads to Content


More and more young people have a desire to capture, publish and share their every move throughout the day. They create and show off special (and not so special!) moments with nonstop photos and videos.


Whereas a platform such as TikTok doesn’t have specific communities like Facebook Groups, users tend to create them anyway. They find and follow friends with similar interests and share things with common themes.


Young people, in particular, build entire communities of online friends. Become part of that. Whatever your business, create relatable content for your users. From simple, day-to-day life wins to micro-mini adventures, give your ideal prospect experiences they can bond over as a community.


3. Micro Content Caters to Short Attention Spans


We live in the most distracted time of our history. Social media platforms are designed intentionally to hook us in and get us addicted.


The short time frame of micro content is a double-blessing. Shorter posts take less time to create and they are more likely to be consumed in their entirety. The key is to keep things interesting.


Just because a post is short doesn’t mean the story or objective gets ignored. It just means you must up your level of creativity every time you put together a piece of content. Challenge yourself to tell the story shorter and better each time.


4. User-Generated Material Makes for Great Trend Content


Catering to trends and related hashtags means businesses can meet the audience where they are at. Trends are seasonal, topical and sometimes just plain fun.


See what’s trending, especially as it relates to your business, and get clever about how you can get involved. After you’ve done this a while, you may want to engage with a good influencer to get on the trendsetter side of that action.


Trends also make for opportunities for user generated content. Get your social friends – aka prospect and clients – excited about a trend that relates to your business. Then, encourage them to get involved, share their own stories as they relate to the trend.



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