While your audience may not be active on all social media platforms, these days it’s become easier to cover more of your social media bases.


With a simple selection, you can share your Instagram Television (IGTV) videos to Facebook. And, since IGTV gives you the option to include a preview of the beginning of your video, you may also share these clips on your Instagram feed, in Instagram stories and in Facebook stories.black-smartphone-2733675.jpg


That’s one video with elements cross-posted in five places. What could be better?


IGTV videos, which run between 15 seconds and 10 minutes, are the perfect way to share the faces and history behind your company, as well as your products and services. It enables prospects and customers to get to know you better, making your company the most likely buying-option when they need what you have to offer.


Note: for larger Instagram accounts, you’ll have the ability to upload IGTV videos of up to one hour in length. However, for now, I recommend sticking with shorter videos for more viewer retention.


Whether you create videos that educate, inform, entertain, or all of the above, memorable, shareable, thumb-stopping content is key to developing a relationship with your audience that inspires loyalty and advocacy.


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IGTV Supports Both Vertical and Landscape Video Formats


Although Instagram initially launched IGTV with full-screen vertical (9:16) videos, the company later released support for landscape video (16:9) since most platforms - such as YouTube - favor the landscape format.


As well as more ways to connect with your existing fans, IGTV gives you more opportunities to be discovered by new ones. When people open IGTV, they'll see multiple channels including “For You,” “Following,” and “Popular,” filled with videos from creators they already follow on Instagram and others they might like based on their interests.


Check out this handy infographic by Later.com: Instagram Image Size & Dimensions for 2019


How to Share Your IGTV Videos to Your Facebook Business Page


If you have an Instagram account, you have an IGTV account. Install the IGTV mobile app or go to your account on the website Instagram.com to upload your IGTV videos.


Note: you need to be a Facebook page admin to cross-post from IGTV.


To share your IGTV Video to your Facebook page, go to the IGTV app or Instagram.com on the web. Upload your video. Then, add a cover photo (thumbnail), title, and description. A preview will appear unless you decide to turn it off once you post.


If you are posting from one of the apps, select to Make Visible on Facebook. (You need to connect the app first by authorizing it to have access to your Facebook page.)


Posting from a web browser? Below ‘Where Your Video Will Appear,’ connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page, if you have not already done so. Then, you may select IGTV and Facebook Page as where you want your video to appear.


Click "Post" and your video will post to your IGTV channel and your page.


Why Cross Promote?


Cross-posting your content on social media is a must for a variety of reasons.


First, different segments of your audience favor Instagram over Facebook, and vice versa so they will not see duplicates.


Keep in mind, people around the country - and even in your hometown - are online at different times during the day. Therefore, it’s unlikely people who follow you on multiple platforms will see the same post on Instagram, IGTV, and Facebook. And, if they do, that’s okay too.


This tiny portion of your audience that may see duplicate content is likely made up of your super fans, who are more than happy to see, share, and engage with your posts anywhere - and everywhere - they find them.


One more thing: When you cross-post from IGTV to Facebook, you can amplify the reach of that video with paid placements using Ads Manager. Depending on the length of your video, with automatic placements turned on, your ad will show up across a variety of platforms. This includes the Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Facebook and Instagram stories, and the Audience network.


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Facebook to IGTV and Back Again


For your IGTV channel, you can either produce fresh content; download, edit, and upload your YouTube videos, or repurpose content from your Facebook lives.


Facebook recently released a Video Clipping option. Go to your Facebook Live, enter edit mode, and select video clipping. Then, use the scrubbers to select the segment you want to create as a standalone video, and click Add Clip.


Head over to your Creator Studio to edit and download your clips. Try using Wave.video to add effects, such as text overlay, animated GIFs, a watermark and more. Then, upload to IGTV, share to Facebook, and the cycle starts again.


When you take the same content, create multiple versions, and repurpose it on multiple platforms, it’s social media time-management at its best!


The latest updates to IGTV include sending notifications to fans and creating your own original IGTV series so our fans can binge watch!


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