Steve Strauss Headshot.pngHow big is the screen where you spend most of your time online these days? If you are like most of us, you are probably guilty of spending a little too much time on your phone or tablet.


And that, my friends, is exactly why mobile marketing is so important.


While mobile marketing can certainly open a lot of doors, for a lot of entrepreneurs, it also poses a challenge. For many (well, maybe not you, millennials!) small screen digital marketing is a specialized skill that is not always easy to master.




Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you:


Make sure your website is mobile friendly: With an increasing number of consumers using their mobile devices, it is imperative that you have your website “mobile-optimized.” Even if you aren’t selling retail merchandise, your website is still the first place users will go if they need information about your business.  According to Google, 61 percent of users will most likely not return to a website if it doesn’t load properly, while 40 percent of those users will visit a competitor’s website instead. This is a huge chunk of your potential customer base, so make sure your website is ready for action.


Stay active on social media: Having a developed social media presence is one of the best ways for you to connect directly with your mobile customers. It is a great way to keep current customers engaged, reach out to new customers, collect feedback, advertise sales or events, further establish your brand, and so forth.




Social media is especially important if you are trying to reach out to millennials – for example, 81 percent of millennials go on Twitter at least once a day. More importantly, about 80 percent of total time spent on social media happens on mobile devices.


Create a text campaign: Text campaigns are becoming one of the more popular and successful forms of mobile marketing. Businesses use text marketing to offer promotions, sales, coupons, free trials, etc., and it is an incredibly effective way to drive sales and create that all-important engagement.


It’s easy to get started. A simple “text campaign” Google search will provide you with dozens of text services you can sign up for, some more expensive than others (depending on what you’re looking for). Some notable ones include ActiveCampaign, Mozeo, Mail Chimp, and SlickText. The key is to create a compelling campaign and offer so much so that your customers will agree to let you text them, or they will want to text you (i.e., you get them to “opt-in”).


A few golden rules are:


  • Offer real benefits
  • Send out texts at regular hours
  • Don’t text too often


58624169_s.jpgStay on top of SEO and mobile advertising: 48 percent of users begin mobile research with a simple search. This means that you should invest some time and money in your search engine optimization (SEO).  An easy first step is to include keywords in your title pages; words you know people will be searching for. This will increase the likelihood that your website gets seen. There are many elements to optimizing your search engine results (too many to list here) so it might be wise to do a little research on your own. Google has a great SEO guide, found here.


The other option, aside from organic SEO, is to buy ads that will appear at the top of mobile search results. Google AdWords is an excellent service for this, and you only have to pay when a user clicks your ad. This is a sure-fire way to increase website traffic, and ultimately expand your customer base


Given that a majority of millennials are looking to grow their businesses right now (according to the latest Bank of America Small Business Owner Report), reaching them where they spend their time makes a lot of sense.


It’s time to market mobile.


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