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Second to the home page, the About Us page is likely the most visited and important page on a small business website. The About Us page presents your company to potential customers. It tells readers who you are and what do you, as well as why customers should do business with you.


“The About Us page helps to create trust and build credibility,” says Claudette Shatto, an advisor at the Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center at Napa Valley College and business development specialist for Napa Valley, California-based CellarPass.com. “It highlights the personality of the owners and showcases your passions.”


Here are a few ways to optimize your About Us page:


Focus on the why

Tell visitors why you started your business and the need it fills. Most small business owners have a passion for their industry, product, or service. Let that passion shine through.


Consider the customers’ needs

In addition to summarizing your background, explain what value you bring to your customers. What problems do they face and how does your business solve them?  Back up your claims with data where you can. “Our program saved customers a total of $500,000 in 2015” makes more of an impact than “We help you cut costs.”


AboutUs_PQ.jpgSummarize company history

Don’t bog down your About Us page with lengthy backstory. “People feel good about a company that’s been in business for four generations,” says Shatto. “But if you emphasize the history too much, you’ll lose your audience.” Reinforce company history in a paragraph and hyperlink to a separate History page if needed. 


Touch on awards and accolades

Include the most relevant certifications and awards, but leave the laundry list of accolades for a separate page. If you own an ice cream shop, it’s worth mentioning that you won “Best Ice Cream Parlor” in the latest city magazine reader’s poll. Omit the “crunchiest ice cream cone” award from the local PTA.


Include a call to action

Marketing software company HubSpot says to include a call to action (CTA) on every page of your site. Instead of visiting your site and moving on, you want visitors to take action. Invite them to start a free trial, download a report, or e-mail with questions. The CTA drives engagement, which leads to increased sales.


What to avoid

When writing about your About Us page, avoid these common mistakes:


• Bragging--Showcase your company, but don’t go overboard with the compliments.

• Length—Limit text to a few paragraphs. People spend, on average, less than a minute on a web page, so keep their attention with concise, well-written copy.

• Negativity—Don’t criticize a competitor in your About Us page or anywhere else. Focus on your story, what you offer, and why you’re passionate.


By touching on your company history, your passion, and your niche, you can create an About Us page that will instill trust in your brand and inspire customers to take action.


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