• Today's Websites

    Today's website content also has changed dramatically...but in another direction. It's actually more challenging to create content because readers won't settle for something that's bland and boring. They also won't ac...
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  • 1000 dollar loan with bad credit

    Hello! I'd like to ask if I can get a 1000 loan with a bad credit history. Please give me any tip if you have a credential. Thanks.
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  • How to make a business plan yourself

    Business Planning Goals   Choosing your business, you need to decide how you will organize it, which means you need to plan for the near future.  Everyone needs a business plan:     Those who yo...
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  • How to No Longer be Invisible on Social Media

    Create a professional social media presence on the four most popular platforms to improve your standing as an expert in your field.It will help your company and your career. Many people believe that they do not need t...
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  • Website to rate your customer?

    Hi. Has anyone else just been emailed about this new website that allows you to rate your customers? Got an email yesterday about it - seems like someone has done a MyBuilder but for the Trade which, if it's real, wou...
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  • A list of questions for a small business

    I have a lot of questions when i am considering opening a business. The most important one is the legal issues. Things like fair use, copyright, trademarking, and how to protect my business. As a side note i would als...
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  • Chief-employee interpersonal communication matters

    It is well-known fact that human resources are the primary value of any company. Staff is that factor providing the high-performance of your business on the market and contributing to increasing your profits. Being aw...
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  • Will 2019 be a strong year for small businesses?

    What are you forecasting for your business in 2019?  a. Better year b. The same c. Worst year
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  • Guide to build trust of Employees

    No one can underestimate the value of building trust. It is essential for any organization to win the trust of its employees as it is crucial for the success of the company and the peace of its environment. Trust is t...
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  • 8 Quick Social Media Content Hacks

    Hi everyone,   Here’s a great piece from Steve Strauss loaded with great advice for your Small Business:   8 Quick Social Media Content Hacks   Have a tip you’d like to add? Leave a comme...
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  • Article Alert - Principle vs. Profit: Can Your Small Business Have Both?

    Running a business can be a matter of choices. Life, as a matter of fact, is made up of choices which take us from one experience to the next. Sometimes the decisions are easy, like what color to paint a wall. If we d...
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  • Dealing with Customer Complaints

    We have all heard the comment: "the customer is always right".  And while you can remember occasions that the customer was not right, consider the cost to your business to get into any confrontations - are they w...
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  • Article Alert - The Politics of Business:  Red + Blue = Green

    I think it's safe to say that most of us avoid discussing politics, religion, and other touchy subjects with our co-workers or clients. But what if we want to express our feelings without alienating anyone, no matter ...
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  • Article Alert - 8 Quick Social Media Content Hacks

    Do you use sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., to promote your business? Are you as knowledgeable and efficient about using social media as you'd like to be? If you're interested in increasing your visibili...
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  • ICYMI: How To Make Organic (Free) Marketing Work Better on Facebook

    Once upon a time, a business page in Facebook could reach their entire audience, those who have "liked" or "followed" their page, with each post they made.  Given the social and sharing nature of Facebook, expert...
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  • ICYMI: Instagram and Facebook Story Ads: How to Make Stories Work for your Small Business

    Businesses are quickly realizing that a standard advertisement will not grab the attention of the savvy social media user, and must evolve to prosper in a digital world.  A business can provide the best product a...
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  • Taking Stock in the New Year

    With the chaos of the holidays behind us, now is a great time to look at the shape of our business and see if we're still on track to meet the goals we set last year. Take a look over your business plan. Have you made...
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  • How will you approach your business in 2019?

    Lets share lessons learned in 2018 and how we will implement them in 2019.   While we reflect on 2019, we should also keep 2020 on our horizon and plan ahead. What are the areas you want to work on? Lets set go...
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  • Happy 2019!

    As the new year begins, take some time to consider this a great time to: -consider the possibilities the days offer -dream of all the unseen skills your employees have that are under-used -ponder marketing opportun...
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  • New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners

    Am I the only one having a hard time believing we're almost at the end of 2018? And yet, the day after tomorrow begins a brand new year. As we ring in 2019, it's a good time to consider our successes and our stumbling...
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