• The Guide to eCommerce Web Development Cost Breakdown in 2020

    Be it sports equipment, home decors, electronic goods, fashion accessories or apparel - we can order anything from eCommerce sites. Thus, we have made online shopping an intrinsic part of our lives. And the eCommerce ...
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  • Software development

    Hello, my name is Alex and im working in IT field. yeswesoft.com it's my company. Im looking for clients from USA, where I can find them, I mean any forums, communities etc. And may be there is any special conditions ...
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  • Tax Compliance

    The IRS requires any person or company that PAYS more  than $600 per year to an individual or company to issue them a 1099 non-employee or W-2 if there are an employee. The deadline for this is January 31. The...
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  • Women's Small Business Month is Here

    Bank of America is honoring Women's Small Business Month with your stories!  We’d like to add your voice to the conversation by asking you a question.   What is the most important thing you’ve ...
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  • Make Tax-Compliance a top 5 priority

    The rules are simply when it comes to Tax-Filing and Tax Compliance. America operates a voluntary Tax-Filing and Tax Reporting system. That said, the IRS and STATES uses penalties and interest charges to punish th...
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  • Seven Essential Blogs for Small Business Owners

    Even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, the constantly changing nature of the small business landscape – from new communication technologies, to an ever-changing tax code, to shifts in your own industry –...
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  • Google is still dependent on Apple for growth

    Google is still dependent on Apple for growth - that sound off, right? Apparently, no. Google paid Apple $12Bn to achieve search growth (as per few reports). WHY BUT? Google has a solid search engine and market shar...
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  • Top 3 considerations to Grow Small Business

    1. Problem Solving is the Key A successful business needs to solve the problem easily or provide a new solution rather compared to its existing competitors.Understand the pulse of your prospects then the business oppo...
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  • Software projects

    What are some of the sources of getting business from local community...I know about Craigslist, Pennysaver. Google seo which takes a lot of time never saw any business coming from here. what else are free ways of adv...
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  • When your 1099 & K-1 forms start arriving in 2020

    The new year comes with new Tax Compliance issue. Every firm that you preformed  more than $600 of work for will be required by law to issue a 1099 -W-2 or K-1 to you and the IRS.   Ignoring these form...
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  • As a busy entrepreneur do you struggle with staying in shape?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently in a research phase where I'm trying to find out how one could make it easier for busy entrepreneurs to stay in shape   So I have two simple questions:   As a busy entrepreneur...
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  • Filing and Paying Estimated Taxes.

    As a self-Employed or Small Business Owner you'e required to filing and pay estimated IRS taxes 4 times for a filing year. The due dates for 2019 are April 15, June 15, September 15 , January 15,2020.   The pe...
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  • Given all the talk, and confusion regarding health insurance in America.  Would you:

    Given all the talk, and confusion regarding health insurance in America.  Would you:   A.) Get and pay ACA/Obama Care health insurance (even though it keeps going up) with high deductibles (up to $7-10k) B...
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  • Tips for write a great research paper

    Today the burden of writing a research paper on the students has increased. Writing a research paper for students is not an easy task. This is a challenging task for them. If you are afraid to write a research paper, ...
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  • Urgent! In search of software outsourcing company

    Hello! I'd like to ask the community about one thing. Has anyone already dealt with a company or companies that provide outsource services in online marketing? Best regards.
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  • Almost Summer

    Summer's almost here (for those in the northern hemisphere). A good time to playfully experiment with new ways to market your business...and find new stories to tell.
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  • How much would you pay to have your website built?

    I would like to know how much you would pay to have a web site built?  Or, How much did you pay to have your website built? 
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  • How to maintain bodily health

    Health is wealth. This a common line we all have heard since our childhood. This line has proved to be true throughout history. Health ensures the quality of life. You can enjoy all the blessings of life and live to y...
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  • Has anyone implemented cash discounting?

    I'm in the credit card processing industry (not a processor) and we've been seeing an upswing in business owners asking about cash discounting. Essentially, you offer customers a discount on the shelf / menu price if ...
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  • Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day...and we're including non-traditional moms and non-moms as well.   LUCKIEST
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