• 3 Brightcove Alternatives for Live Video Streaming Platform

    Video is the new currency of the web. Surprising? Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie) earns an approximate $15 million. Roman Atwood pegs at $8 million. Smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) pockets $7 million. All estima...
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  • Issues with signing Promissory Note PPP

    Just received an email about an hour ago telling me to sign my promissory note; when I clicked the link to login and once I enter my credentials this is what comes up:   We are sorry, you do not have access to ...
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  • PPP loan amount

    I know PPP loan amount is calculated based on 2019 payroll. But my business' current payroll cost is higher than what is calculated based on 2019. I used 1st quarter of 2020 to calculate the loan amount request. Anybo...
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  • PPP sign forms email not received

    When I log into the business online banking site, I get the message that my forms are ready to be signed and click "Sign Your Forms" in the email. I didn't receive the email. I have for another company, so I know it i...
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  • PPP  signing the attestation form and promissory note

    I Had a difficult time locating these documents. If you are using an iPhone or iPad delete your b of a app. Log into your email on a web browser, open the email where it says to sign forms. That takes you to the b of ...
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  • Sign Documents! My solution

    If you are having trouble with sign my documents..this is what I learned and what worked for me 1. Select "Sign documents" from the email, do NOT sign into your business account from bankofamerica.com 2. Sign in usi...
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  • PPP Loan Forgiveness Proof for Independent Contractors

    For the independent contractors, who don't use platforms such as ADP, how will you show proof to BOA of your payroll cost ? Would we just write checks from our business account to ourselves, and then place the monies...
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  • Need intralink contact phone # or email

    I have been stuck for 4 days trying to upload my e PPP documents on Intralink.  My problem is there is no template exchange screen  when I first log in.  I got thru last night to Itralinks help line 2...
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  • Email from BofA states I haven't submitted all of my documents, but I have

    Hello, I am self employed & as per the instructions, submitted the Addendum & Schedule C from my 2019 tax returns. That is all I'm required to provide. I don't have any employees & don't file a 940. Pleas...
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  • Contacting your Small Business Banker

    Have any of you been able to contact your banker to ask questions about your PPP application? We are frustrated because the news says that you should call your banker to get an update, but BOA says that our banker c...
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  • i need help applying for the sba covd 19 loan

    how do i start the application for small business COVID 19 loan
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  • Whats next after updating business information submitted?

    It's been more than a week since I got the email to Select "I'm ready" and updated my business information. I did what was asked and submited. It has been a week and I have not recieved any email or anything about wha...
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  • Submitted banking info PPP (AKA "I'm ready" link) Whats Next?

    It's been more than a week since I got the email from BOA to Select "I'm ready" and updated my business information. I did what was asked and click submitted. It has been a week and I have not received any email or an...
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  • Intralinks Password issue

    Hello, can anyone let me know what to do if Intralinks never provided a password but did provide a login.  i have sent several emails and have left several messages, but no response.  The account has been lo...
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  • Re ppp

    Anyone know where the link will be on website?
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  • Paycheck Protection Program

    Hello,   Does anyone know how to apply for Paycheck Protection program for small businesses that was signed by the Federal government within the $2T Covid-19 stimlulus package last week?   Thanks
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  • Quarterly 941

    Has IRS said we don't have to pay Quarterly 941's due 4/15?  And if we don't will there be penalties?  Do we still file the paperwork and just not the payment?   I am struggling to find an answers....
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  • Top 9 Alternatives to YouTube Monetization for Video Creators

    Introduction   YouTube has been under a microscope ever since it unveiled its first monetization rules for its video platform. People were excited and skeptical at the same time, and for good reason since the pl...
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  • What is the most inexpensive way to build a website?

    I would like to know if there is somebody who can help me build a website and social media presence for my business. What is the best way to go about doing this?
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  • amazon seller issue

    I am amazon seller but i don't know how to increase my profit?
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