Avni Patel started A28 Architecture in 2015.  She had a vision for the type of architect she wanted to be, but “when I first started, I was a very young idealist and I just wanted to create great buildings.”


As her career grew, the Chicago architect focused on inclusive, environmentally and tech friendly design ideas to “make life just a little bit easier or better,” Patel said. "There are ways to design that allow a space to be flexible and work for a multitude of users and design ideas.” Patel saw, though, in many of the current small buildings, these design ideas were not typically integrated.



Patel felt the only way to address such issues – “there were certain things about the building industry that just didn’t make any intuitive sense to me” – and to do it right meant to commission projects so “I could truly focus on the design,” she said. “That’s why A28 was designed to be a real estate investment and architecture firm.”


A28_AvniPatel_SBClientStory_Thumbnail.jpg“As I started working, I realized I have to work within the existing reality. Navigating that reality to find a path that led us here wasn’t easy,” she said. “It took a lot of preparation to really understand financing, real estate investment, business, architecture, design, technology, psychology, and engineering well enough to make them work together and develop a business to achieve their integration.”


Together with Bank of America she’s able to pursue her dreams of building, both on the job and for her business.


Video transcript:


[Avni Patel] Architecture was actually, kind of a calling for me. I just knew I needed to be involved with it. I think I just started thinking a lot about how our environment affects us.



Avni Patel

Founder and CEO

A28 Architecture


[Avni Patel] I’m Avni Patel, an architect, and I started my own design firm, A28 Architecture.


I think architecture should be flexible enough to accommodate for everyone. It’s here for us.


I just want to be able to bring details that big projects get to have, like eco-friendly design, tech-friendly design, to smaller projects likes homes or residential. Whereas right now they don’t get that kind of attention.


Being able to get to a point where you’re financially stable. Where the business could then do the projects that we believed in, was very difficult point to get to.



Gladys Castillo

Small Business Banker

Bank of America


[Gladys Castillo] I first met Avni when she came into the financial center for a simple transaction, and that’s how the relationship began.


So once I understood Avni’s business, the two biggest things we were able to help her with was how to save her time through our mobile capabilities. And we’re also able to help her establish credit, for her business.


[Avni Patel] Gladys is great. She knows what my goals are, and so these steps are aligning with that.


[Gladys Castillo] When I am able to work with strong women, and the fact that I can support them and be an advocate for their financial lives, that to me is amazing. I’m proud of Avni, and it makes me feel really good to be able to support her business.


[Avni Patel] I would like the power to bring great design to the everyday person.


[End Card]

What would you like the power to do?

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