If you travel through airports at all, you really don’t need to be told how great TSA Precheck is.



Either you have enviously seen the empty lanes as you interminably wait in your own long, security line, or you have Precheck and have waltzed through security yourself, wondering why everyone else hasn’t gotten with the (great) program yet.


If you’re someone whose small business requires travel for buying trips, trend scouting, trade shows, or just a good old-fashioned client pitch, Precheck could save you valuable time and cut down on travel headaches.


How great and popular is Precheck? Check out these stats from the Transportation Security Administration:


The average Precheck passenger spends less than five minutes in a security line

More than 7 million people are enrolled in Precheck

Precheck is offered in more than 200 airports and by 67 airlines


The Global Entry program is essentially the same thing, but for international travel – an expedited security process for those who pass the required security clearances.


How do you get into each, and what are the benefits? Let’s see.


TSA Precheck


Getting into the Precheck Program is a three-step process:


1. Apply online: Precheck costs $85 for a five-year membership. You begin the process by applying online.


2. Pass the background check: Needless to say, the point of Precheck is to give preference and advantages to low-risk flyers. As such, you will need to pass a background check that includes an in-person interviewand fingerprinting.


3. Get accepted and use your number: Once you pass the background check (between 30 to 60 days), you will be given a “Known Traveler Number.” Then, whenever you make a plane reservation, you enter that number and thereafter will have “TSA Precheck” on your boarding pass, both mobile and printed versions.  Long lines be gone!


Here are two Precheck tricks you should know about:


1. Some credit card and other travel-related loyalty programs will pay for your Precheck application fee. You can find a list here.


2. If you have Precheck and are travelling with someone who is not a part of Precheck, it would behoove you to book them on the same reservation. This usually ensures that they will be given Precheck too on their boarding pass.


Global Entry


If you do any international travel, Global Entry is definitely something that should be on your radar (excuse the pun).


Global Entry provides travelers with the following perks:


      • TSA Precheck
      • Expedited customs screening when re-entering U.S. airports
      • Expedited customs screening when traveling by train or sea
      • The ability to use Global Entry kiosks when going through customs


The cost for the program is $100 for five years. So, for only an extra $15, you can apply for Global Entry and get all its advantages, as well as TSA Precheck, which is a pretty sweet deal.


The application process for Global Entry is equivalent to Precheck: Apply online and then attend an in-person interview at a Global Entry enrollment center.


Global Entry and TSA Precheck are altogether a better way to travel. Apply now and before you know it, you will be saving yourself wait times and airport stress, leaving more time to prepare for your business needs.


Bon voyage!


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