May is Small Business Month and this year Bank of America is celebrating by highlighting one of the most vibrant cities in the country; Atlanta. We are introduced to Myrna Perez, a small business owner in her own right, as she takes us around her Atlanta neighborhood to all her favorite small businesses. We see her relationship as a customer to these small business owners and how important these bonds are. Because when a community has the power to support small business, there is nothing that can hold them back.



Check out the businesses featured in this video:



THE SPINDLE, Cycling Apparel & Café

THE CLEAN DOG, Pet Daycare & Grooming

TINY DOORS ATL, Public Art Project


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Video Transcript:


SUPER: Myrna Perez, Fruitologist & small business owner


Myrna: “I live above my shop.”




MYRNA: “I wanted to build a place that had all of my childhood memories and that’s why I have so much of my family inside LottaFrutta – in the Ofrenda and in photos and in recipes. I love to feed people.”


MYRNA: “And now I’m going to give you a taste of my neighborhood.”




SUPER: THE SPINDLE, Cycling Apparel & Café


THE SPINDLE 1: “People are coming in because they’re going to get honest expertise out of people who definitely ride. As long as you’re treating people with respect, they’re going to feel respected in your shop, whether they buy a four-hundred-dollar bag or a three-dollar coffee.”


THE SPINDLE 2: “Relationships are really important in businesses. It’s much stronger with my brother because we’re family and we’re stuck together.”

SUPER: THE CLEAN DOG, Pet Daycare & Grooming


THE CLEAN DOG: “The clean dog customer loves their pet. Right? It’s not okay just to sit them in the corner and let them play with a plush toy. You want to engage, you want to see the community.”


MYRNA: “An interactive experience.”


THE CLEAN DOG: “Right? Here we go…”


TINY DOORS ATL: “I started the business, Tiny Doors ATL, after I had started making the art that you see on the street.”


SUPER: TINY DOORS ATL, Public Art Project


TINY DOORS ATL: “And what’s really cool is that my resume is right here. You know, businesses will call me and say, ‘Hey, do you have ideas on how we can make tiny trophies?’ and I’m like ‘Yes!’ It’s a lot of upkeep because people love it so hard. And I’m there a lot because I love it too.”


MYRNA: “My fruteria gives me the power to support other small businesses in my neighborhood – as a customer, as an owner, and as a neighbor.”


SUPER: Bank of America is proud to support Small Business Month this May.


SUPER: Join us in celebrating the impact small businesses have on a community.


MYRNA: “Mami, let me just get you an ice cream. Let me get her an ice – hold on. Come have some ice cream.”


MYRNA: “That one’s for you.”


LITTLE BOY: “Thank you!”




MYRNA: “You’re welcome, papa.”


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