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"It's important to feel that your natural self is perfect the way that it is,” says Rachel Estapa, Founder and CEO of More to Love Yoga and Bank of America client. In this video Rachel talks about turning her passion for yoga and body positivity into her business. Learn more at


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It's important to feel that your natural self is perfect the way that it is and that was very hard for me growing up because I was always larger. Through practicing yoga I'm at peace with myself. I want to help other people wherever they are in their body love journey.


Title: Rachel Estapa, Founder and CEO, More to Love Yoga, Bank of America Brand Ambassador


More to Love Yoga is for people that consider themselves unable to do yoga.


MoreToLove.jpgI help usually larger bodied people learn yoga, but also experience their body in a way that's not going to feel intimidating.


What's really important to me is allowing people to feel like they can cherish their bodies through their own experience with yoga, but also sharing the More to Love Yoga community.


Turning your passion into a business, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. I had a lot of fear around the money aspect. I can't take this great idea and bring it to more people unless I get this business part down.


When I started working with Lisa from Bank of America she was just not like any banker that I ever met. It was like a having a friend that is a banker.


I've always gravitated to the small business owner because I think it takes a lot of courage.


Title:     Lisa Carroll, Senior Small Business Banker, Bank of America


In Rachel's case I was really intrigued by the company. I wanted to talk about her business priorities, and see how we can help as a bank.


I want to grow More to Love and Lisa's definitely helping me with ways that the financial systems can support that growth. I've never felt that any question I asked, or anything that I needed was too small and she had all of this wealth of knowledge from Bank of America.


It's important to have a relationship with your bank. Someone that you could trust, that you can talk to about the business, the challenges that you're facing, because that's really where we shine. We're able to actually provide suggestions to help.


Lisa knows who I am as a person, what my business is about, and when I grow, Bank of America's going to be a great partner in that.


When I think about the future, I'm really excited to have more people become part of the More to Love Yoga community.


I have the power to have a business that I'm proud of in the world. I mean, that's the dream for everyone, right? To do what you love.




Check out More To Love Yoga at


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