Facebook Live video broadcasting began rolling out in August 2015. Since then, Facebook has been aggressively pushing a video-first approach for the platform, ultimately competing in the streaming video-on-demand space alongside Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch and more.


However, most businesses struggle to properly embrace live video broadcasting due to concerns of time, effort and resources. In fact, Buffer conducted a study that found:



              Forty-three percent of marketers said they’d create more live videos if there were no obstacles like time, resources and budget. [Source: Buffer]


Yes, it does take time to map out your live video strategy, storyboard the content, decide which talent will be on camera, choose your streaming tool, create a compelling offer and more. And then, there’s no guarantee your livestream will actually generate business results.


However, help is at hand. Let me open your eyes to the various ways you could easily integrate Facebook live video broadcasts that will yield a measurable increase in your lead generation, sales conversion and revenue. And, if you start with the end in mind and keep your eye on the prize, you’ll be much more motivated to take the leap into doing more live video.


Generate leads by connecting to a chatbot


When you do your Facebook Live broadcasts, you can schedule them as much as seven days in advance using any one of several third-party tools, including BeLive.tv, BlueJeans Network, Zoom, Ecamm Live or Wirecast.


Once scheduled, you then connect the scheduled Live post on your Facebook business Page wall to a Messenger chatbot.


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My favorite chatbot tool is Mobile Monkey. One of the nifty features is Comment Guard, allowing you to send an automated message to your audience when they comment on your posts. This allows you to also message those who opt in to your bot. At first, you’ll have Messenger contacts and you can then begin an automated or human dialog and request their email address and phone number.


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Sell your products or services


It’s perfectly fine to do a live video broadcast on Facebook, add value at first and then make special offers. For example, lead an educational session anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, but be sure to intersperse your special offer throughout your broadcast, every 8-10 minutes is just fine. You’ll find the audience on Facebook tends to drop in and out. Ideally, have some text overlay on screen during your broadcast with details of your offer. Any of the Facebook live platforms mentioned above allow you to have on-screen text overlays.


Test everything ahead of time. Set up your Facebook Shop or use Shopify as a great online shopping tool. Selling your own products or services is one of the easiest and simplest ways to monetize your Facebook Live videos.


Promote affiliate offers


Perhaps you have affiliate relationships set up with companies where you receive commission in exchange for promoting their products. This is totally fine to do on Facebook, including live broadcasts. You will need to use the handshake icon to indicate a ‘Branded Partner’ relationship. Software as a Service firms (known as SaaS) or subscription companies are great for affiliate relations as the payout is recurring.


Be a brand ambassador


This is one of my favorite methods of monetizing Facebook Live broadcasts. You establish paid relations with companies you love and from which your audience would derive value. Again, SaaS or digital tool companies are great here.


Think about what companies offer products or services that would be complimentary to what you do.  What problems/challenges does your audience face that you could help solve? What products/services/apps/platforms are you already using?


Here’s an example broadcast I recently did on my Facebook Page.


You’ll need to use the Branded Content tool for any brand ambassador content. The cool part about doing brand ambassador work is you may be eligible to sign up for Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager feature where you build a portfolio to showcase your content and attract more potential deals.


Attract show sponsors


If you’re set up to broadcast on Facebook Live on a regular basis, then you’re in a great position to begin seeking show sponsors. This could simply be in the way of “brought to you by…,” or, “in partnership with…”. Or, depending on your show type, perhaps you’ll have product placements, just like you see on television. Again, you’ll need to use the Branded Content tool.


What are potential show sponsors looking for? Exposure, visibility, brand awareness, qualified leads and paying customers. Sponsors will be seeking a close match to their target audience. Ideally you are set up for “appointment TV,” that is you have episodic broadcasts that typically air once a week or more.


Conduct live auctions


Some businesses might lend themselves well to doing real-time auctions. For example, direct-sales women’s clothing company LuLaRoe has grown from 300 sellers in the US to 80,000 in just four years. This rapid growth has predominantly come from pop-up parties and live auctions using Facebook Live!


Get Facebook ads rev-share


I’m including this potential live video monetization opportunity here… but it could be a ways off for many businesses. Facebook does have an ad revenue-sharing program in place but it’s taking longer than anticipated to gain real traction. Time will tell. Of course, the ad rev-share model has done really well for YouTubers and eventually monetization through rev-share of Facebook video ads will pay off.


Remember, you can ‘go live’ anywhere on Facebook – your personal profile or business page, or any group you belong to, or any public event. Also, you can choose to broadcast live through the Stories feature on Facebook and Instagram.


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Use Facebook Live regularly. Facebook is giving priority to video content, including live video broadcasts, especially when you use the Creator App and/or when you broadcast live through Stories as well.


Set up cross-posting relationships. This feature allows you to automatically access videos from mutually approved pages and publish as a fresh post, but the video views are aggregated. This feature is now also available for Live videos and can help increase reach.


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