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Your customers want to pay you for your product or service, but are you making it difficult for them to give you money? Carol Roth discusses what stands in the way of you and added revenue – from a poorly trained sales staff to a confusing website layout.





Hey, it’s Carol Roth, and I want to talk to you about a big mistake that businesses make in terms of their growth and their revenue – and that is making it difficult for customers to give you money.


Now this may sound counter-intuitive, but far too many business do this. The first issue is with ill-trained sales staff.


I have a colleague who was planning a wedding who called different venues and different caterers and the like, and had so many people give conflicting information; so many people who couldn’t answer basic questions about their offerings – at the end of the day she didn’t go with a company that had the offering she wanted, she went with the company and the venue that had the ability to answer her questions. So, make sure your sales staff is well-trained.


This happens to me at spas all the time. I call spas. They’re not able to say this is what you want, this is our service that matches it, here’s an up-sell. They do a really poor job of tracking that entire journey. And if you have somebody who is interfacing with the customer, they have to have that nailed. So, make sure that you’re training them properly – giving them all the information that the customer needs to give you money. It is imperative.


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I will say the same thing for websites. Sometimes going online and trying to be self-served, it’s impossible to find key information. Whether the information is about the goods and services, the different facets of those, the pricing, or even a number to call more information – don’t make it difficult – again, online or on social – wherever your customer is interfacing, for them to get that information they need for them to give you their money.


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And the final step is: make sure you have a good payment processor. So, think about how your customers like to pay you and make sure that’s not a roadblock for them to give you money. Because at the end of the day you are in business for customers to give you money, and you want to make it as easy as possible.


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Carol Roth Headshot for post.pngCarol Roth is the creator of the Future File ® legacy planning system, “recovering” investment banker, billion-dollar dealmaker, investor, entrepreneur, national media personality and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation. She is a judge on the Mark Burnett-produced technology competition show, America’s Greatest Makers and TV host and contributor, including host of Microsoft’s Office Small Business Academy. She is also an advisor to companies ranging from startups to major multi-national corporations and has an action figure made in her own likeness.


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