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The right tools can help elevate your bottom line. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an important tool used to manage customer relationships, processes and sales within teams. It includes all customers, clients and sales leads.


CRM tools are vital for every business that focusses on achieving excellent customer relations and improving sales with relatively little effort. They allow companies more time to focus on converting more leads and looking for additional ways to grow. CRM software can help eliminate missed opportunities by helping you identify and close new sales. Here are my reviews of the five best CRM tools to increase your business sales.recruit-3236547_640.jpg



Salesforce is one of the more popular all-in-one CRM tools available. The user-friendly platform offers important features like sales forecasting, lead generation, opportunity and contact management, in addition to workflow automation. Salesforce was once associated primarily with established enterprises and big companies, but the company has recently focused on providing solutions for small businesses. The small business version allows you to utilize the CRM resources and tools at a lower price.



Disclaimer: I use Pipedrive for my business. Why? Pipedrive puts the focus on the actions that matter most to small business owners. The system tracks activities and productivity, while measuring results. This tool makes sales more efficient based on the belief that, while one may not be able to control outcomes, he or she can take charge of what drives deals towards completion. Additionally, Pipedrive allows you to follow up on each deal by attaching activities to your to-do list at a glance.


Using the visual sales pipeline, you can see all your deals in one place, resulting in better control of the process. Pipedrive also has a mobile app that allows you to access both your deal and contact information from anywhere. The software integration, innovations and automation grant you all the information you need before a call or meeting. Also, through Pipedrive you can capture the performance of your team in one easy location.



Zoho comes with many options that you can tailor for your business needs. This CRM tool is intuitive, easy-to-use and pocket-friendly. Small businesses easily build a tailor-made CRM solution through Zoho’s Marketplace, as the adoption process is natural. It offers a set of instructions to install extensions.



Insightly is made to help you establish deep customer relations and expand your business fast. It allows you to build relationships through discovering links, and it provides relationship maps to guide users.


Through automated lead capture and distribution, the tool matches the right lead and representative at the right time – ultimately, to generate faster sales. You can also use Insightly to set up workflow automation and on-time delivery. Insightly starts with a free standard plan that can be upgraded as the business expands. It is a scalable solution that is simple but grows as your company grows.



Hubspot gives salespeople more time to find deals and close sales, instead of spending time on data entry. Since interaction tracking is automatic and deals are featured on one dashboard, visibility is improved without any extra work. Hubspot offers storage of up to one million users, regardless of the size of your business. Keeping your activities organized is always a challenge for small businesses. Hubspot helps businesses get organized effortlessly by displaying your entire sales funnel in one place.


Hubspot may help to improve your productivity, since it synchronizes with your inbox. Increased productivity makes selling and closing deals a lot easier because now you can create and measure mail templates, send personalized sequences and get notifications when a prospect opens a mail or download you sent. Why does this matter? It makes following up with your prospect easier and more comprehensive.


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