We all know it takes a certain kind of person to run a successful business. One must be enterprising, hard-working, resourceful, creative, optimistic and smart, and that's just for starters. Now let's think about what it takes to start and run not only a successful business, but one based on a complex and demanding profession like law.


It takes all those traits, and a whole lot more.


As you may know if you have spent a little time here on the Small Business Community, I am a non-practicing lawyer. I started out in a big firm in the big city making the big bucks and then went on to open my own law office a few years later. I don't practice anymore because, as I like to joke, “I came to my senses.”


While this is a good laugh-line for a speech, the fact is I was good at the business side of that business (hence this gig), while the legal stuff interested me less because, frankly, I wasn't as good at it. As I said, it takes a unique individual to be successful at his or her profession and running the business, too.36497960_s.jpg


That's one reason why Scott Snyder of Scott Snyder Law impresses me so much. Scott and I have a lot in common – we both grew up in L.A., we have season tickets to our local NBA team about six rows from each other, and we share a mutual love of Bruce Springsteen (even if Scott's selfie with Bruce beats anything I could boast).


But where we diverge is that Scott is a much better and more successful lawyer than I ever was. Not only has his firm thrived for almost 20 years (an accomplishment in and of itself for any business), but Scott has distinguished himself as an excellent attorney.


Like many of us, Scott started his business because he wanted to be his own boss. “I didn't want to be subject to the whims of change in management and so I figured it would be better for me in the long haul to start my own firm,” he told me. Corporate America's loss was his clients' gain.


Almost 20 years in and his dance card is full with clients who need and appreciate him. As a result, not only has his firm grown, but it has enabled Scott Snyder Law to become an integral member of the community in which we both live. As Scott explained,


“One thing I am proud of is that my law practice has served numerous individuals and businesses on a reduced fee or pro-bono basis to help defray their cost of legal services. Additionally, I have often provided my mediation services on a volunteer basis, and I additionally am able to offer my services to local non-profits on a volunteer basis as well.”


Great lawyer, great businessperson, community asset – that's an impressive three-fer in anyone's book.


So it wasn't surprising when Scott told me that what he loves about the law is that, while of course it pays well, far more important was it allowed him to help people solve problems. “It may sound corny, but I believe we can almost always find a good and fair outcome for everyone concerned, and that is what I am committed to, the win-win outcome. I like being a trusted adviser, and I take that role very seriously.”


And isn't that what you would want from your lawyer? A super smart guy who is committed to creating great outcomes and helping out in the community (and who loves Bruce to boot?). Now that's my kind of counsel.


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