For many small businesses, the beginning of a new year is slow. Your customers are digging out from under holiday bills and recovering from an excess of eating, drinking and celebrating. To attract new customers in the New Year, you’ll need to be creative. Here are eight ideas to get you going.


1. Do good. In January, people clean out their closets to make room for their new holiday swag. Collect donations of used products from your customers in exchange for a discount on your products or services. For example, a clothing store could give everyone who brings in an old pair of jeans 20 percent off a new pair. The same concept works for used toys, books, kitchen appliances or any products people are likely to offload this time of year.41392789_s.jpg

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2. Try a daily deal. While not as hot as they once were, daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial can still be an effective way to attract new customers. Plus, the discounts appeal to budget-conscious consumers still paying off holiday bills. Deal sites will help you craft a deal that’s worth your while.

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3. Tap into the power of influencers. Bloggers, media and even local celebrities like a popular Little League coach are all potential influencers whose opinions affect your target customers. You can spread the word about your business to a whole new audience by reaching out to appropriate influencers and ask if they’ll review or otherwise mention your products or services.

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4. Give away gift certificates. Percentage-off coupons are a dime a dozen, but how often do consumers get a no-strings-attached gift certificate? Mail or email $10 gift certificates valid for any purchase of $10 or more, and prospective customers won’t be able to resist checking out your wares. Almost two-thirds of gift card users spend more than the value of the gift card, making this a win-win situation.

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5. Hand out free samples. If your business is in an area that gets lots of foot traffic, giving away free samples is a foolproof way to attract new customers. In fact, three-fourths of consumers say free samples influence them to buy. The free sample concept works for service businesses, too. For example, a yoga studio or fitness club can offer a week of free classes, then give customers a discount on membership if they sign up at the end of that week.

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6. Host an event. In-store events can draw new customers for all types of businesses. From an art show at a coffeehouse to live music at a record store from a book signing at a bookstore to a fashion show at a clothing boutique, the possibilities are endless. Try holding a teaching event that shows customers how to use what you sell while whetting their appetite for buying it. If you own a cookware store, for instance, hold a free cooking class and give everyone who attends 20 percent off anything they buy that day.

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7. Partner with complementary businesses. Find a business that targets the same customers you do, but with a non-competing product or service. For example, a fitness club and a sporting goods store could partner up to offer each other’s customers discounts – linking to your partner business on your website will help drive traffic, too.

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8. Hit the road. Branded business vehicles serve as nonstop advertisements for your business and work especially well for companies that make deliveries or travel to customers’ homes or businesses. One business in my neighborhood has a fleet of hot-pink vehicles with a logo, website and phone number in huge letters on all four sides. You can get your vehicles “wrapped,” which is sure to capture attention – search online for “vehicle wrapping” to find services near you. Park your vehicles on busy streets and in other high-traffic areas to maximize visibility.

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