With fall around the corner, so is school. As a small business, this is a great time to take advantage of this busy time of year.


There are plenty of ways you can make this back to school season successful and mutually beneficial – for you and your customers. Here are some ideas:


Back to school promotions: With everybody shopping for school supplies, now is a great time to offer discounts, coupons and promotions for popular school items. This is an easy way to attract shoppers, old and new. Even if you are late to the game, that’s OK – there are plenty of last-minute shoppers or those who forgot items who would be relieved to still see deals. 43530272_s.jpg


Also, back to school promotions aren’t exclusive to school supplies and computers. Regardless of what you sell, it’s never a bad idea to offer (and advertise) a discount for students, especially during the back-to-school season. It’s a great way of saying good luck with the new year.


Bonus tip: You can offer promotional discounts in exchange for customers opting-in to your mailing list. This is a great way to grow your list.




Be helpful: A lot of parents and students are stressed out this time of year, so this is a good opportunity to put forward your very best customer service skills. Be extra helpful, friendly, accommodating and understanding of everyone, as you never know who could be going through something like this. Offer resources, such as relevant local phone numbers and email addresses, and healthy lunch ideas when possible. Being mindful of the emotions people might be feeling will most certainly pay off

Keep in mind that back to school season is expensive for shoppers so you could throw in a gift card, free meal, etc. as a way of saying thank you.


Get involved: Getting involved with a local school is a great way to give back to the community and to market your brand and business. There are many ways you can give back to schools, such as:


  • Host fundraisers for school scholarships, extracurricular programs, etc.
  • Donate items for school raffles
  • Host a shopping night with proceeds going to the school




Ramp up your productivity: Assuming you've had quality relaxation time this summer, back to school season is the perfect time for you and your staff to get back into the swing of things. Start by doing whatever you’ve neglected this summer. Maybe that means working a little later or taking some work home with you in the evenings or on weekends in order to catch-up. Follow the students’ back to school lead and use the back-to-school season to make this fall a productive one.


Summer may be ending but as a small business owner, this is an opportune time to ramp up business.



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