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With the beginning of a new year, many small business owners decide they're going to be better organized or punctual or productive—only to find themselves slipping back into their old habits.


To keep that from happening, we checked in with some thought leaders to get their recommendations for tech tools to help small business owners work smarter.


From Jayson DeMers, CEO at AudienceBloom, a Seattle, Washington-based Internet marketing company:

  • Roboform: An app that manages all your passwords, gives you secure access to them wherever you are, and lets you log in to a favorite website with one click.
  • Evernote: App for organizing notes, tasks, and images that can be searched by keyword, shared with others, and synched across your computer or smartphone.


Tech_Tools_PQ.jpgFrom Steve Nicastro, a financial writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance website:

  • Addappt: An app that updates the contact information in your address book automatically.
  • Pushover: For business owners with multiple phones or devices, this app organizes all your messages in one location.
  • OmniFocus: A task management app that tracks assignments and due dates, reviews completed projects, and lets you toggle between your smartphone and desktop.
  • Dropbox: A cloud-based platform that lets you store and share files with multiple parties.


From Umar Khan at BuildFire, a mobile app development platform team:

  • OfficeTimer: Software that keeps track of billable hours and project expenses. Also provides invoicing and report summaries.
  • Docusign: Service that lets you send, sign, and approve documents from almost any location.


Taking advantage of these innovative and time-saving tech tools is one resolution that could make you more efficient and organized.


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