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Vine is a mobile app from Twitter that lets you post a six-second video that plays in a continuous loop.


The challenges of squeezing a message or telling a story in such a tight timeframe are obvious. Yet many businesses have been emboldened to come up with video clips that capture customers and prospects. Outbound Engine, an Austin, Texas-based content marketing agency specializing in small business marketing, suggests these ways for making your Vine videos stand out:


1. Show yourself.

Let people see the human side of your company. A video that introduces you or your staff is a welcome change from websites that are often faceless or impersonal. Inserting something quirky or idiosyncratic that expresses your personality—as long as it is tasteful and appropriate for a business message—can also distinguish you.


2. Give your product the star treatment.

Put your products in front of the camera and make them the stars. What can you say in six seconds that is attention getting, clever, or appealing about your product line? Demonstrate different uses for a product or highlight the options that come with it. Shooting the product from an unusual angle can also grab attention.


Vine_PQ.jpg3. Give a tour of your office.

Showing what your offices look like or giving a behind-the-scenes tour of areas where you do your work—such as the factory floor—instills authenticity and believability in you and your products.


4. Add life to your announcements.

Any newsworthy event coming from your business can be a subject for Vine. One place to look for topics is the News page on your website. The next time you issue a press release about a milestone, product announcement, sale, or contest, turn it into a video and post it through Vine, too.


5. Record customer testimonials.

Whenever you get a positive review or endorsement, make a video and post it. For even greater interaction with your customers, ask them to submit video testimonials. User-generated content is a powerful involvement tool that reinforces customer loyalty. Or make a video of one of your team members reading a customer testimonial.


With only a smartphone and Twitter account, creating a Vine video can be a simple, fun, and exciting way to showcase your business, team, products, and services in a mere six seconds.


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