Cyber Crime.pngMany small business owners are already well versed in writing and managing a blog. Others are just getting started. No matter your level of experience, it’s important to remember blogs can be more informal than traditional business correspondence.  Here are some key guidelines to writing a blog post:


Be concise. Once you’ve written your first draft, start cutting words.  After you’re done, continue to edit your post.  Eliminate extra adjectives or explanatory clauses.  Blogs are often as short as 250 words, and they should rarely be more than 700 words. Most readers will skip an article that long.


Use keywords in your post. One of the most important aspects of your blog post is the headline –it should contain some key search terms that your customers may enter into a web browser. And, without a doubt, it should have something to do with the content that follows. You should also include key search terms throughout the post. Questions, or intriguing statements, can also be very effective in attracting readers.


Subsequent paragraphs should only be three or four sentences. Use subheads and photographs to break up the text.


Write like you speak. The voice you use within your blog should be similar to the way you speak.  You’re trying to engage your audience, so there’s no reason you can’t be lighthearted and creative in your topic, just as you would be in person or on the phone. Avoid copying another well-known blogger.

Pull Quote.pngBe courageous in the opinions you state. Don’t use “I think” or “it might be true” or “one could argue.” Such phrases are not powerful and lack authority. Take a stand and support your argument. Don’t be afraid to shake things up a little.


Stay engaged with your readers. Finally, your writing responsibilities do not end once you post your blog, pay careful attention to the “comments" section.  Communicate openly with your readers, to encourage dialogue.  Bee receptive to any feedback they may provide.



At the end of the day, a well-written, engaging blog will keep your readers coming back.  And readers can easily turn into customers. Share your thoughts and best practices on blogging with the SBOC community below.

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