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Ideally, your holiday marketing approach should stem naturally from your yearlong promotional efforts.  However, if you find yourself slightly behind, or, if you’re looking to give your holiday sales a last minute kick in the pants, don’t fret. There are still many things you can do this season to make sure your store traffic (on- or offline) keeps flowing.

Here are five quick ways to switch up your holiday marketing:


Target Your Approach:  If you already have an opt-in program on your e-commerce site where customers can sign up to receive e-mail and text promotions, consider taking it a step further. With simple Web-tracking technology, you can now monitor customers’ past buying patterns and send highly targeted product promotions to customers via

e-mail and text.


Send Purchase Reminders:  During the ultra-busy gift-buying season, customers are likely to forget about some items they’ve left sitting in online shopping carts. You can take a strategic approach to giving your customers gentle reminders about incomplete purchases.  For example, you can send the first reminder one hour after “abandonment,” the second a day or two later and the third a week later.

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Blog About the Season:  Sticking exclusively to sales-oriented communication with customers can be a turn off. Even during the busy holiday season, customers can benefit from a break.  If you have a blog, now would be a good time to post entertaining holiday-themed content, tips on minimizing stress during the holidays or special recipes or news related to your core business.


Get in the Game:  Given the fun and festive nature of the holidays, this might be an opportunity to introduce gamification into your marketing mix.  Examples are points-based loyalty programs; customer-against-customer contests; and online games where customers earn credits they can spend in your retail outlet.

Choose Different Channels: No matter which approach you use the most, it is important to reach out to customers through a blend of different marketing vehicles.  Find the mix of social networking, blogging, mobile marketing, e-mails, printed material and events that keeps your business top of mind this holiday season.  Do you have any additional ideas?  Share them below.



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