What is the Small Business Online Community's Business Connection Feature?



Looking for a business that can help your business? Need a bookkeeper? A web-designer? A bike messenger? Your fellow Small Business Online Community (SBOC) members may be just who you need.  The business connection feature enables you to search for small business services, suppliers, partners and consultants to help your company thrive.




The business connection feature is located on the right-hand column of the SBOC home page, and can help match your business interests and needs with other SBOC members.  This resource is only available for registered community members who opt-in to be included in the matching business connection search results.  In order to get the best results, please do the following:

  • If you haven't already, please register as a member of the SBOC.
  • Opt-in to be included in the business connection search results (if you want to opt-out later, that option is available in your profile settings).

  • Update your SBOC profile to include information that will be helpful for potential matches, including your business type, location and contact information.

    • Note: Your results will be available soon, so check back to start making connections with other business owners. In the meantime, get the most out of the new feature by updating the privacy settings within your profile and selecting the "Registered Users" option to share your business contact information with others in the SBOC.
  • Once the full functionality of the business connection feature is enabled, you’ll be able to search for other member companies that match your needs.and view their information. Then, contact them to introduce yourself.


Remember, the Small Business Online Community is dedicated to keeping the conversations within our community professional, courteous and spam-free.  Please see our Community Guidelines for appropriate conduct and to report any inappropriate behavior.